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Orange County Church Histories

An Undoubtedly Incomplete Checklist of Orange County Church Histories

Compiled for a meeting of the Chapel Hill Historical Society 1/25/2008

Most of these booklets and pamphlets are available at the Carolina Collection at UNC. I have no doubt at all that there are many others that I did not cover – especially regarding the churches outside of Chapel Hill. Many times church histories are published as part of the program of an anniversary church service and are little more than a glorified version of the usual Sunday program. Consequently these publications do not always find their way into the Carolina Collection and readers are therefore encouraged to keep an eye out for this type of material and asked to consider donating anything of this kind to UNC if it is not already in the Carolina Collection. You will be helping to preserve the history of our community. I don’t mean for this list to be exclusively cover Protest Christian churches; those are the only ones I found.

MacCalman, Duncan, The Families Which Built White Cross, N.C. and Antioch Baptist Church: 200th anniversary, 2003.

Strowd, Annie, Bethel Baptist Church History, 1993.

Humber, John L., The Ordeal and Tragedy of Binkley Baptist Church, Chapel Hill, 1992.

Smith, Courtland Victor, Olin T. Binkley Memorial Baptist Church: A twenty year view, 1958-1978, 1979.

Howell, Almonte Charles, A History of the Chapel Hill Baptist Church 1854-1924
Chapel Hill, N.C., 1945.

Habel, Samuel Tilden, Centennial Monograph: Celebrating the first 100 years of the Baptist Church at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, Orange Printshop, 1954.

Ephesus Baptist Church: 1891-1966, 75th anniversary, Chapel Hill, 1966.

Maddry, Charles E., History of the First Baptist Church of Hillsboro, North Carolina, Raleigh, Edwards & Broughton, 1953.

Sparrow, Mrs. L. W., A History of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Chapel Hill 1803-1953, Chapel Hill, 1953.

A celebration of 250 years of Anglican and Episcopal witness in Orange County: September 19 to 21, 2003.

Video: Chapel of the Cross: A witness to the presence of God, Chapel Hill.

Rees, Philip A., The Chapel of the Cross: An architectural history, UNC Thesis, 1979.

Henderson, Archibald, The Church of the Atonement and the Chapel of the Cross at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Hartford, Church Missions Pub, 1938.

Stoudemire, Mary Arthur, Chapel Hill's Oldest Church: The story of its buildings, Chapel Hill, 1981.

Browning, Hugh Conway, Information related to St. Mary's Chapel, 1996.

A History of Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Chapel Hill, N.C., 1955-1991, Chapel Hill, 1991.

Green, Fletcher, The Chapel Hill Methodist Church: A centennial history, 1853-1953, Chapel Hill, 1954.

Lloyd, Pauline & Allen, Hillsborough Methodist Church, 1807-1961, Hillsborough, 1961.

Facing Tomorrow, Understanding Yesterday: A history of Orange United Methodist Church since 1832, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Dallas, Taylor Pub, 1992.

A Brief History: Orange United Methodist Church, 1832-1989, Chapel Hill, 1989.

The Fiftieth anniversary celebration of the present church building of the University United Methodist Church, May 1926-May 1976, Chapel Hill, 1976.

Watson, Christina Ross, Intellectualism, Action, and Fellowship: The history of the Wesley Foundation at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, UNC Thesis, 2000.

The First Hundred Years: The Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church, 1849-1949, Chapel Hill, 1950.

Ellis, Mrs. A. A. and Annie H. Hughes, History of the Eno Presbyterian Church, Cedar Grove, NC . . . brought up to date by Annie H. Hughes, 1955.

Murphy, Barbara A., Journey to New Hope: The history of New Hope Presbyterian Church, 1756-2006, Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill Press, 2006.

Craig, David Irwin, A historical sketch of New Hope Church, in Orange County, N.C., Reidsville, 1886 and 1891.

McLendon, William W., University Presbyterian Church, Chapel Hill, North Carolina: A brief history, Chapel Hill, 1999.

Johnson, George Arthur, Churches in Orange County, North Carolina, south of Interstate 85 from 1756 to 2000, Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill Historical Society, 2000.

Lloyd, Pauline and Allen, History of the Churches of Hillsborough, N. C., 1766-1962, Hillsborough, 1962.

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