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Orange County Registers of Deeds

The following is an incomplete list of individuals who have served as the Register of Deeds of Orange County:

William Churton (Dec 1752-Jul 1766)
Edmund Fanning (Aug 1766-
William McCauley (Aug 1777-
James Alston (Feb 1782-
Josiah Watts (Aug 1786
John Estes (around 1798-1799)
Abner B Bruce (around 1798-1799)
James Whitted (1807-1812)
John McKerall (1820's-1830's)
Andrew Mickle (1840's)
S W Andrews (        - Oct 1942)
Carolyn Hurley (Nov 1942-Dec 1942)
John E Laws (Dec 1942-Dec 1954)
Betty June Hayes (Dec 1954-Dec 1998)
Joyce H Pearson (Dec 1998-Dec 2010)
Debra Brooks (Dec 2010-Dec 2014)
Mark Chilton (Dec 2014 -

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Orange County Deed Book Seventeen


William D Bennett concluded his series of Orange County Deed Book abstracts with book 16. I pick up where he left off - but with the less ambitious plan of providing only brief abstracts, rather than the full legal descriptions which Bennett included. This is partly a matter of saving time (and therefore having time available for abstracting Deed Book 18 et seq), but I have also taken a slightly different approach here because scans of all of these records will soon be available online. Even so, I believe it will be helpful to have an abstract of the deed book in order to assist in finding which pages of the online deed book are of interest.

Please be sure to always consult scans of the original deed books when using this abstract. I have attempted to accurately transcribe the names of grantors, grantees, landmarks and neighboring property owners, but inevitably there will be some errors in my transcription. Therefore, you should look at the original images yourself to ensure that you agree with my transcription. Also, many of the instruments abstracted here include considerably more detail about the financial aspects of these deeds. Also I have made no attempt to transcribe the witness names.

Deed Book 17

ODB 17/1 John Hogg to Gavin Hogg, 27 Dec 1819, negro slaves Lucy mulatto about 40 and boy London 8 child of Lucy.

ODB 17/1A William Trice to David George, 24 Jan 1818, negro slaves Sarah about 25 and boy John about 3 months old.

ODB 17/1A Josiah Allison to William H Adams, 12 Jun 1818, negroes Patty and Pinkney.

ODB 17/2 William Trice to Charles Trice, 24 Jan 1818, negro slaves Anne about 44, boy James about 6, and girl Nancy about 3.

ODB 17/3 William H Adams to Melchi McDaniel, 23 Oct 1817, negro girl Mariah about 17 or 18.

ODB 17/4 Robert Tinnin to Catlet Tinnin, 14 Jul 1817, negro boy Henderson.

ODB 17/4 John H Bell to Henry & Sarah Bell, 29 Aug 1817, my proportional part of the undivided estate willed by Egbert Haywood of Halifax Co NC in trust for John Haywood (now a citizen of the State of Tennessee [no metes or bounds].

ODB 17/5 Caleb Lindsey to Goodman Nevill, 31 Oct 1817, negro woman Vincy about 20 & boy child Nelson about 14 months.

ODB 17/6 Findol Beasly to Thomas Jinkins, 18 Aug 1818, negro boy Jerry about 11.

ODB 17/6 Thomas D Watts to John & Charles McCawley, 29 Jun 1818, life estate in 50 ac on N side of Stones Ck, adj James Strayhorn, David Strayhorn; granted to William Courtney Jr.

ODB 17/8 Elizabeth Christmas to John & Charles McCawley, 29 Jun 1818, life estate in 50 ac on N side of Stones Ck, adj James Strayhorn, David Strayhorn; granted to William Courtney Jr.

ODB 17/9 Frederick Nash et al to John Reding, 19 Aug 1817, 188 ac & 102 poles adj Anglus.

ODB 17/10 Roger Hancock to Reubin Carden, 16 Jan 1815, 7.75 ac on E side of the big road, adj James Woods corner, Hancock, road.

ODB 17/11 Thomas Tinnin to David Tinnin, 20 Aug 1816, 160 ac on waters of S Hico, adj David Tinnin, Person.

ODB 17/12 James Scott to Jesse Scott, _4 Sep ____, 255 ac on waters of Haw R, adj Shearman, Vance Lafferty, William Powel, Ireland.

ODB 17/14 Charles Norman to James Scott, 8 Feb 1815, 255 ac on waters of Haw R, adj Shearman, Vance Lafferty, William Powel, Ireland.

ODB 17/15 James Tate to James Graham, 14 Mar 1814, 190 ac on waters of Jourdans Ck of Stony Ck, adj Cross Creek Road, Harvey, Graham.

ODB 17/16 Christopher Reich et al to Benjamin Reich, 30 Oct 1818, POA to sell 250 ac adj William O'Neal; tract which upon death of Christopher Reich Sr descended to his children to wit: Christopher Reich Jr, Matthew Reich, Lewis Reich, Jacob Reich, Christian Reich, John Reich, Michael Reich, Ferona Reich, Elizabeth Reich & Caty Adams.

ODB 17/19 John Brown to John Wallace, 2 Jan 1817, 1 ac & 100 perches on N side of Jourdans Ck, adj double locust tree forked sapling in the field.

ODB 17/20 Jacob Allen to Anderson Clements, 2 Jun 1818, 210 ac adj the Ridge Path, Hannah Allen’s corner.

ODB 17/21 Joshua Leigh to Edmond Herndon, 2 Jan 1818, 221 ac on Northeast Ck, adj John Barbee, Barbees Spr Br, County Line, Renchers Spr Br.

ODB 17/22 Charles Stephens to Moore Stephens, 4 Feb 1817, 52.5 ac on waters of Eno R, adj Monks Corner, Lewis Hutchins.

ODB 17/23 Samuel Peelor to Joseph Picket, 5 Aug 1818, 1 ac & 24 poles on waters of Ellibees Ck, adj Picket corner, Peelors Spr Br.

ODB 17/25 John Workman to Samuel Holoday, 5 Mar 1818, 160 ac on S side Haw R.

ODB 17/26 David Geer to Edmond Herndon, 9 Nov 1817, 137 ac on Third Fork Ck.

ODB 17/27 Jesse Scott to Parrebo K Boswell, 3 Oct 1817, 250 ac on waters of Haw R, adj Shearman, Vance Lafferty, William Powel.

ODB 17/28 John Sevister to Thomas Kent, 14 Mar 1817, 214 ac on S side Haw R, adj corner of Jacob Isley & John Witt, corner of Peter Tickle, Traveses Ck, Peter Tickles Spr Br.

ODB 17/29 William P Hall to William Brinkley, 4 Jul 1818, 200 ac on Stoney Ck of Haw R, adj John Sloss; another tract adjoining first, 53.4 ac adj Douglas corner, Douglas, William Cannon.

ODB 17/31 William Cannon to William P Hall, 9 Jan 1818, 200 ac on Stoney Ck of Haw R, adj John Sloss; another tract adjoining first, 53.4 ac adj Douglas corner, Douglas, William Cannon.

ODB 17/32 Richard Stanford to John Edwards, 24 Oct 1811, lot #282 in Haywoodsborough.

ODB 17/33 David Herndon to Stephen Ellis, 1 Mar 1808, 100 ac on waters of S Hyco, adj Muzzells corner, County Line, Guthra corner, Herndon’s corner, George Herndon.

ODB 17/34 John O’Kelly to Merrill Beasley, _ Nov 1817, 296 ac on North East Ck, adj David Castleberrys corner.

ODB 17/35 John O’Kelly to David Castlebury, _ Nov 1817, 296 ac on North East Ck, adj Beasleys corner.

ODB 17/36 Frederick Williams to Samuel Holaday, [30 Nov] 1809, between 28 and 29 ac on Cain Ck, adj Isaac Sugart, old field where it is allotted for a road, ford, small island E of fording place, Samuel Holloday, William Andrews.

ODB 17/38 John L Strayhorn to James Strayhorn, 17 Sep 1818, my undivided share of the estate of Gilbert Strayhorn [no metes or bounds].

ODB 17/39 William McKissick to Samuel Wilson, 16 Dec 1817, 100 ac adj Robert Berrys corner, Rountrees corner, Wilson.

ODB 17/40 Abner March to David Herndon, 2 Dec 1808, 100 ac on waters of Linches Ck, adj Aquilla Compton, Robert Mebane, Wiles Wills Sr, County Line.

ODB 17/41 William Mitchell to John Douglass, 23 Oct 1816, 457 ac adj McBroom, McBroom formerly Ellison, Armstrong, Hark, Woods, Ray, Clark.

ODB 17/42 David Perkins to Frederick Maize, 24 Nov 1817, 122 ac on W side of Ellibeys Ck, adj Chissenhall, J Briggs.

ODB 17/43 Laurence & Thomas Thompson to Joseph Thompson, 24 Aug 1818, POA related to estate of Joseph Thompson.

ODB 17/44 James Ashley & wife to Thomas Wilson, _ Aug 1818, undivided 1/5th of 200 ac adj Thomas Wilson, William Hall [ no metes or bounds]; estate of William Cate, who died intestate with children Hannah, Sally, John, Charity & Benjamin Cate; Charity Cate married James Ashley.

ODB 17/46 Mary Loyd to Mark Andrews, 10 Oct 1818, negro women Edy & Elsey and $300 note of William Lloyd in the hands of Thomas Brewer Esq.

ODB 17/47 Joshua O’Daniel to Samuel O’Daniel, no date, whereon I now live, being allotted to me by my father Henry O'Daniel, [formerly part of] tract said Henry now lives on [no metes or bounds].

ODB 17/48 Robert Eaton to John Young, 15 Jun 1818, mortgage on 4 lots in Hillsborough #51, #89, #90 and #91, adj Queen Street, Thomas Clancy, Tryon Street, Hazel Street.

ODB 17/50 Jesse Robinson to Tomas McCully, 5 Sep 1797, 117 ac on waters of Joradns Ck, adj creek, William Cantrells old deeded land, Obadiah Martins old survey, branch, County Line.

ODB 17/51 Finney Hart to Enoch Thompson, 25 Sep 1817, 36 ac on waters of McGowans Ck, adj Thompson, white flint stone.

ODB 17/53 Robert Tinnen to Thomas Tinnen, 20 Aug 1816, 194 ac on S Hico, adj spring, John Dunns corner, rock pile in the old field.

ODB 17/54 Robert Tinnen to David Tinnen, 26 Dec 1815, 105 ac adj road, Robert Tinnins corner of another tract, path; it being tract purchased of Thomas Anderson, Anderson purchased of John Wheely.

ODB 17/56 John Lynch to William Whitted Jr, 27 Aug 1818, 42.5 ac on waters of Buck Quarter, adj creek, spring, John Kelly.

ODB 17/58 William P Mangum to Willie P Mangum, 8 Dec 1816, 515 ac on Elebies Ck, James Hutchins corner, John Farden?, John Harden?, Nicholas Adkins.

ODB 17/59 David Ray to Gavin Hogg, 24 Jul 1815, lots in the Village of Chapel Hill near the University, adj house occupied by James Hogg, Franklin St, Thomas Edwards, Public Grounds [of UNC], Grand Avenue.

ODB 17/61 William Norwood to Gavin Hogg, 24 Jul 1817, on Franklin St in the Village nigh the University, adj Store House corner, house occupied by James Hogg, Grand Avenue, Public Grounds [of UNC].

ODB 17/63 Samuel Turrentine to Frances Child, 19 Aug 1815, lot 118 in Hillsborough, adj King St, Robert Eaton, Abner B Bruce.

ODB 17/64 John L Kirk to Francis Child, 14 Feb 1818, 500 ac on S side of Cane Ck, wheron John Kirk lived in 1817, adj creek, gum near a lick on a branch.

ODB 17/66 Thomas S Ashe to Samuel Child, 23 Jul 1818, 59 ac on waters of Cane Ck, adj creek, Childs corner, New Still House Br.

ODB 17/67 Samuel Child to Alexander M Allen, 3 Oct 1818, negro woman Harriet about 17, her child William about 16 months.

ODB 17/67 Francis Child to Alexander Allen, 5 Oct 1818, negro woman Harriet about 17, her child William about 16 months.

ODB 17/68 William Brook to Alexander M Allen, 1 Oct 1818, negro boys Jac 15 and Buck 13.

ODB 17/68 William Brook to Alexander M Allen, 13 Oct 1818, mulatto girl Julia 19.

ODB 17/69 Joseph Shaw to daughter Fantatina Joy Shaw, 16 ___ 1818, negro girl slave Monarchy about 3 months old.

ODB 17/69 Joseph Shaw to grand daughter Vesta Vallonica Camilla Ann Eliza Jane Hargis, daughter of Drucilla Ann Hargis, 16 Nov 1818, negro slave girl Charity aged 4 days.

ODB 17/70 Joseph Shaw to Lional Desmond Hargis, son of beloved daughter Drucilla Ann Hargis, 16 Nov 1818, negro boy John 3 years.

ODB 17/71 Benjamin Whedbee to George Albright, 13 Nov 1818, negro man Nathan.

ODB 17/72 John McCaleb to Samuel McBroom, 27 Jan 1818, mortgage on chattel property.

ODB 17/73 Frederick Blandshet to Jacob Trolinger & wife, son & daughter of Frederick Blandshett, 22 Jan 1818, negro girl slave Cate.

ODB 17/73 Estate of Richard Stanford to Stephen Lloyd, 1 Jan 1818, negro boy Elisha 18.

ODB 17/74 Mary Gray to my 3 sons Alfred, George and William Gray, 1 Mar 1818, negro slaves Chloe, Hannah, Anarchy.

ODB 17/75 Mary Gray to Fanny Horn, 1 Mar 1818, negro girl Esther.

ODB 17/75 Mary Gray to grand daughter Mary Ann Horn, 1 Mar 1818, negro boy Tom about 8.

ODB 17/76 Samuel Turrnetine to Elizabeth Crabtree, 14 Oct 1818, lot #67 adj Tryon St in Hillsborough.

ODB 17/77 James McCawley to Robert Cheek Jr, 2 May 1811, 133 ac on waters of New Hope, adj George Reves, James Carrol.

ODB 17/78 Samuel Turrentine to John Redding, 24 Nov 1818, 25 ac on waters of Little R, adj John Estes, John Gattis, Jess Benton, Isaac Gattis corner.

ODB 17/79 Thomas Sneed to Thomas V Hargis, 25 Nov 1818, 320 ac adj County Line, Dudley Sneed, John Sneeds old corner.

ODB 17/80 Thomas Sneed to Dudley Sneed, 2 Sep 1818, 287.5 ac on waters of Flat R, adj Orange Person County Line, path leading to Carringtons, Sims.

ODB 17/81 Thomas Sneed to Jonathan P Sneed, 2 Sep 1818, 287.5 ac on waters of Flat R, adj path leading to Carringtons.

ODB 17/82 Elizabeth McDaniel to Robert Glenn, _ Oct 1818, 57 ac on waters of Cane Ck, adj Samuel O'Daniels corner.

ODB 17/83 Baston Sharp to Daniel Garrett, 16 Mar 1816, 119 ac which Henry Garrett died possessed of on waters of Rock Ck [no metes or bounds].

ODB 17/85 David Fulton to Andrew McCawley, 25 Nov 1815, 180 ac on both sides Jourdans Ck, adj Widow Scotts corner.

ODB 17/86 Benjamin Pennington et al to Margaret Pennington, 17 Oct 1817, 230 ac on waters of Clendenings Ck, adj Clendenings old corner, new road, Joseph Thompsons corner, branch.

ODB 17/87 Elizabeth & Hugh Boyles to John Bracken, 20 Nov 1817, 400 ac on W side Laughlins Ck; left by John Boyle to widow Elizabeth and son Hugh.

ODB 17/89 William Lingo to Levi Owens, 18 Mar 1813, 91 ac on waters of Nap of Reeds Ck, adj John Mize, Granville County Line.

ODB 17/90 John Apple to William Dickey, 1 Dec 1817, 176 ac on N side Haw R, adj Sophia Lewis, Widow Hill.

ODB 17/91 Daniel Apple to George Spoon, 10 Oct 1817, 110 ac adj branch, Woods, Rock Ck.

ODB 17/92 William Watson to James Hutchinson, 8 Jan 1818, mortgage on 7.5 ac adj Nicholas Hardens road, Jas Hutcheson Sr on W, Jas Hutcheson on N, E & S.

ODB 17/93 Benjamin Piggot to Peter Fogleman, 12 Mar 1813, 100 ac adj Nicholas Holts corner.

ODB 17/94 Levi Owens to Thomas Cary, 9 Nov 1818, 91 ac on waters of Nap of Reeds Ck, adj Cook, Granville County Line.

ODB 17/94 Edward B Harris & Elizabeth Harris to Elizabeth Sutton, 29 Jun 1818, 79.25 ac on Staggs Ck, adj William Mebane, Robert Morrow, James Lynch, corner of number 2.

ODB 17/95 Thomas & Lawrence Thompson to Joseph Thompson, 20 Jun 1818, POA to sell two tracts, 1st tract on Back Ck; 2nd tract on waters of Eno R, containing 280 ac.

ODB 17/97 Thomas Roundtree to Richard Holeman, 18 Nov 1818, two tracts, 1st tract place whereon Charles Roundtree on waters of Flat R and Quarrel Ck; 2nd tract 50 ac on waters of Little R, adj Robert perhaps now owned by Rankin McKee; 3rd tract adj 1st tract corner, Robert Berry Jr now Henry Berry, Wilsons corner.

ODB 17/99 Thomas, Lawrence & Joseph Thompson to John Wm Nickles & James Thompson, 30 Sep 1811, 541 ac on Eno R.

ODB 17/101 John Alexander to Solomon Beckum, 3 Sep 1818, 100 ac on waters of Rock Ck of Stinking Quarter Ck, adj Jerry Piggotts corner, Joshua Buckingham, Michael Holts mountain, Holts corner, Buckinghams corner, Isaac Pattersons corner, Alexander.

ODB 17/102 Edward Rippey to Samuel Scott, 12 Oct 1818, 100 ac on waters of Haw R; part of NC to Matthew Rippy.

ODB 17/103 Samson & George Neese to Mary Long, 20 Oct 1818, [no ac] on S side Haw R, adj big road that leads from Hillsborough to Greensborough, small br, Nelsons Ck, James Mcadams corner, Freeland, James Thomas corner.

ODB 17/104 Henry Pickard to John Jones, 30 Oct 1811, 276 ac on waters of Cane Ck, adj William Morrow, Jenning Gibson, James Thompsons corner.

ODB 17/106 John Pickard to James Thompson Jr, 3 Oct 1809, 131.5 ac on waters of Cane Ck & Motts Ck, adj Thomas Lashleys corner, William Morrow, Alexander Pickards corner, Henry Pickard, John Pickard Sr, meadow.

ODB 17/107 James Garrard to William Carrington, 14 Jun 1817, 180 ac adj Cain.

ODB 17/108 William Carrington to James Garrard, 14 Jun 1817, [no ac] on W side Flat R, adj Ansel Parrishs corner, Alves corner, James Walkers corner, Flat R.

ODB 17/109 Peter Wrightsman to Thomas Thompson, 25 Sep 1817, two tracts, 1st tract 288 ac on waters of McGowans Ck, adj Joseph Stubbins corner, Thomas Hart Sr corner, Josephs field, corner of Earl Granville deed, incl where Peter now lives; 2nd tract 32 ac.

ODB 17/111 John Watson & Robert Watson to John Young, 5 Nov 1818, negroes Charity, Hannah, Frank, Celia, Yackney, Larry, Netty, Ben & Lydia (two last named born since his death); bequeathed by James Watson to widow Margaret H Watson for life and then to his children.

ODB 17/112 Thomas Lindley to Joseph John Alston, 1 May 1811, 617 ac on both sides Cane Ck, adj Emoch McPhersons corner, William Braxtons corner, Jonathan Lindley, Thomas Carters corner, Nathan Harveys corner, Robert Holadays corner, Holadays field.

ODB 17/114 North Carolina to Samuel O’Daniel, 24 Oct 1817, NC1818. 83 ac on waters of Cain Ck, adj Lewis Kirk, John O'Daniels corner, Marshalls Br, Minnis, Dukes Br.

ODB 17/115 North Carolina to Michael Holt, 18 Nov 1818, NC1910. 45 ac on waters of Rock Ck, adj Joshua Buckinghams, Isaac Patterson, John Alexander [corner].

ODB 17/116 North Carolina to James Reaves, 25 Jan 1819, NC1919. 50 ac on waters of Morgans Ck, adj George Reaves Sr corner, Stephen Lloyd.

ODB 17/117 Wm & Fielding Leathers to Thomas P, 25 Apr 1816, 294.75 ac on S side of Eno R, adj mouth of a gut, Thomas Revises corner, road.

ODB 17/119 Wm C Watts to Jos Watts, 21 Nov 1818, 118 & 5/4ths [sic] ac on Nancy Hill Ck, adj Scjool House Br, stone heap, Hooper, corner of No 2; and two lots in Hillsborough No 30 and No 40.

ODB 17/121 Thomas Person to Henry Faucet, 19 Apr 1799, lot No 35 in Hillsborough.

ODB 17/122 Samuel Thompson to Samuel Turrentine, 28 Sep 1812, 25 ac on waters of Eno R, adj Isaac Gaddis former corner, Estes; formerly owned by John Estes, Isaac Gaddis and Jesse Benton.

ODB 17/123 Stokes Edwards to Allen Edwards, 16 Nov 1818, negro man Alleck about 21.

ODB 17/123 Thomas Morris to Robert B Corn, 1 Jan 1817, 94 ac on waters of Hyco adj Joseph W Muzzalls corner, Great Road.

ODB 17/124 James F Taylor to Wm H Merritt, 8 Jan 1818, negro man slave Matt about 25.

ODB 17/125 Samuel Haynes to Wm H Merritt, 5 Dec 1818, negro girl slave about 15.

ODB 17/125 John Sparrow to Wm H Merritt, 7 Dec 1818, negro man slave George about 22.

ODB 17/126 John Sparrow to Wm H Merritt, 7 Dec 1818, negro girl slave Patt about 8.

ODB 17/127 William Merritt to Wm H Merritt, 20 Aug 1811, 80 ac on Morgans Ck, adj Wm H Merritt, the Sprice Pine Hill.

ODB 17/128 Mary Lloyd to Mark Andrews, 10 Oct 1818, negro girl slave Dilcey about 19, settling judgment.

ODB 17/129 Thomas Kell to Robert Hall, 30 Aug 1813, all interest in land on Buffaloe Ck, adj Turrentine, Brown, McKee [no metes or bounds].

ODB 17/129 C P Patterson to William Horn, 12 Apr 1808, negro woman Dinah & Isaac son of Dinah.

ODB 17/130 Allen Edwards to David Andrews, 18 Jan 1819, negro boy Solomon about 2.

ODB 17/130 William & John Cole to Clem Flinthom, 23 Oct 1817, on waters of Eno R, adj stone heap, Stephen Scarlet, conditional line, John Horns corner, Archibald Horn.

ODB 17/131 John Horner to Clem Flintham, 9 Jul 1819, 20 ac on waters of Seven Mile Ck, adj Horners corner, Cuth Burton's corner, Henry Bunch.

ODB 17/133 Henry Lloyd to John Ivey, 10 Feb 1819, [no ac] adj Caruthers, Ives field; settling disputed boundary for overlapping land grants.

ODB 17/134 George Reaves to James Reaves, 21 Aug 1815, 246.5 ac on both sides Buck Fk of Morgans Ck.

ODB 17/135 Thomas Morris to Robert B Corn, 1 Jan 1817, 40 ac on waters of Hyco, adj formerly Hasten Bartlet, Bartlets corner.

ODB 17/136 Mary Kell to Robert Hall, 28 Aug 1818, an undivided fifth of 100 ac left to him by his Father and Mother, on waters of Buffaloe Ck, adj the Lands of Samuel Turrentine [no metes or bounds].

ODB 17/137 Lacey Lloyd to Baxter Davis, 27 Oct 1818, 198.75 ac on head waters of New Hope, adj Daniel Clouds corner, Cheeks corner.

ODB 17/138 James Phillips to William Whitted Jr, 15 Oct 1818, Lot number 35 in Hillsborough, adj Tryon St, Mrs Mary Anderson, Churton St.

ODB 17/139 David Andrews to Mary Lloyd, 28 Sep 1818, negro girl Dilcey about 19.

ODB 17/140 George Reeves to John Reeves, 21 Aug 1815, 47 ac adj Frederick Lloyd's corner, Reeves, Andrews.

ODB 17/141 Fanning M Jones to Henson Cotter, 23 Jan 1819, negro man Anthony about 36.

ODB 17/142 George Reeves to Frederick Reeves, 21 Aug 1815, 343.5 ac [no neighbors or creeks).

ODB 17/143 John J Briggs to Absalom Alston, 25 Feb 1819, negro man Peter.

ODB 17/144 John Roberts to Mason Tapley, 10 Oct 1814, negro girl Fanny.

ODB 17/144 James Kirby estate to William Henry Merritt, 21 Nov 1818, negro boy slave named Ely…”.

ODB 17/145 Lewis Hornaday to Solomon Dixon, Hugh Woody, & Joseph Hill Trustees for Society of Friends or people called Quakers, 8 Dec 1818, negroes Lewis, Hannah, Frederick, Martin, Glass, Reubin, Sillar & Charles.

ODB 17/145 Mary Lloyd to William Lloyd, 10 Dec 1817, negro boys Abraham & Henry about 7 and 5.

ODB 17/146 John Kell to Rober Hall, 24 May 1815, 100 ac on Buffaloe Ck of Little R, adj Browns corner, old corner, road, double maple & poplar.

ODB 17/147 Mark Barbee & Thomas Picket to Wm H Merret, 6 Sep 1817, 12 ac adj William Jinkins corner, New Hope.

ODB 17/148 William Pendergrass to Wm Merritt, 30 Nov 1809, 80 ac adj Henry Merritts corner, Matthew McCawley, heap of stones.

ODB 17/149 Stephen Ellis to Robert B Corn, 27 Oct 1817, 100 ac on waters of S Hico, adj Muzzalls corner, County Line, Guttres Cormer, George Herndons corner.

ODB 17/150 Elias Gaskill to Willis Fruit, 24 Feb 1818, 70 ac on waters of Stony Ck, adj Robert Turner, Adam Marleys corner; other tract 35 ac adj above mentioned tract.

ODB 17/151 James Freeland to Lemuel W Simpson, 18 Jul 1817, 147 ac on waters of Boyds Ck, adj Crosley Brinkleys corner, Demsey Hubbert corner.

ODB 17/152 Crosby Brinkley To David Perkins, 7 Apr 1817, 30 ac on waters of Boyds Ck, adj Frederick Blanchard, William Morton, Robert A Younger; a piece conveyed from Robt A Younger to Crosby Brinkley.

ODB 17/154 A McCauley to Hugh Ector, 9 Jan 1819, 96 ac on waters of Toms Ck, adj Harts corner, McCulloch.

ODB 17/155 Macy Newton to Joseph Armstrong, 1 Oct 1818, two tracts, 1st tract Granville to Thomas Perkins 1761, Perkins to Samuel Johnston, to Joseph Scott, to George Newton; 2nd tract NC to Samuel Eakins; both tracts on both sides S Fk of Little R, adj Armstrongs corner, Joseph Woods, Wm Woods, Stephen Clements Corner, Wm Cain, rock pile, the old Perkins line, totalling 472 ac.

ODB 17/156 Andrew Robertson to Robert Hamblet, 13 Oct 1818, 484 ac on waters of Stoney Ck, adj Caswell Line, Jeremiah Walker, James Robertsons corner, Moores corner, Nicholson, Foster, Brannocks corner.

ODB 17/158 Alfred Moore to George B Finley, 11 Feb 1819, 103 ac adj James Moore.

ODB 17/159 Robert Hatrick to William Busick, 17 Feb 1819, 289 ac on waters of Haw R, adj William Matkin.

ODB 17/160 Zephaniah Tate to John Walker, 4 Jan 1816, 115 ac on Haw R, adj river; formerly owned by father of Zephaniah.

ODB 17/162 William Busick to Benjamin Busick, 20 Feb 1819, 124.5 ac on waters of Haw R & Laughlins Ck, adj Foster, Henry Brannock.

ODB 17/163 William Vestal to Jeremiah Piggot, 24 Sep 1816, land of John Wheeler decd on waters of Rock Ck [no metes or bounds].

ODB 17/164 L W Simpson to James Hutcheson, 5 Aug 1818, 147 ac on waters of Boyds Ck, adj Crosley Brinkleys corner, Demsey Hubbards corner.

ODB 17/165 James Wood & Mary Wood to John Garrard, 10 Nov 1818, 30.33 ac on Tussacy Br, adj James Latta, Tyre Garrads corner, James Walker; tract John Garrad Sr purchased of Walter Alves and left to his heirs, known by name Lot No One which was share of Legatee Mary Wood formerly Mary Garrard.

ODB 17/167 James Moore to George B Finley, 11 Feb 1819, 106 ac adj Henry Martin, George B Finley.

ODB 17/169 Ephraim Cook to Sally Garrett, 20 Feb 1819, negro girl Betsey.

ODB 17/170 Estate of William Horton to David Reddick & wife Mary, Teitty Chambless & wife Ruth, and Margaret Laws as Administrator of George Laws, 15 Dec 1814, Sac & her child Jack; Rose & her child Hannah, Aggy & her child Anderson, Hampling, Dinah, Alfred the son of Esther, being the issue & descendants of Hagar.

ODB 17/171 Powel Riggins & wife to Francis Barbee, 28 May 1806, 173.75 ac on Third Fk of Newhopem adj low ground of Third Fk, James Trices corner, Edward Trice.

ODB 17/173 Ephraim Cook to Peter Waggoner, 17 Apr 1818, 235 ac on waters of Haw R, on Little Allamance, adj Robert McCullocks corner, Abner James.

ODB 17/174 Melkia Hatmaker to Ephraim Cook, 25 Aug 1818, negro girl Betty.

ODB 17/174 Estate of John Shaddy to John Coble, 31 Aug 1818, 130 ac not any more situated in the County of Orange, on both sidse of N Ck of Stinking Quarter Ck, adj Jcaob Shaddy former corner, Michael Holts corner, old Graves line now Albright & Troxlar, Coble.

ODB 17/176 Robert Cothran to James Patterson, 10 Jun 1816, 95 ac on head waters of Mountain Ck, adj Thomas Sneed, John Satterfield, Mangum; part of NC to John Langley 1782 for 197 ac No 446.

ODB 17/177 Thomas Sulliant to C F Faucett, 29 Aug 1818, 47 ac on Stoney Ck, adj William Barker on W, William Barber on N, Isaac Griffy on W, Andrew Hughes on S.

ODB 17/178 John Swisher to George Keck, 18 Jun 1817, 130 ac on S side Haw R, waters of Travers Ck, adj County Line, branch.

ODB 17/179 Parham L Kirk to Jonathan Thompson, 9 Oct 1810, 200 ac on Toms Ck, adj Thomas Durham decd, Robert Duncan, John O'Daniel Sr, Henry O'Daniel, road from Hillsborough to Woodys Ferry, Durhams corner.

ODB 17/180 Thomas Hunt to Nathaniel Harris, 5 Dec 1818, 289 ac on Dry Ck of Flat R, adj Bobbit, Stanleys corner, Wilkins corner.

ODB 17/182 Judith Stagg to Thomas King, 4 Oct 1811, 75.5 ac adj James Walkers corner, Little Ceder Ck, Big Ceder Ck.

ODB 17/183 James Mitchell to Noah Mitchell, 12 Oct 1818, POA to sell my real estate of which my Father Ephraim Mitchell died seized [no metes or bounds].

ODB 17/184 Miles Wallis to Cheslefy F Faucett, 27 Jul 1816, 3.25 ac & 6 poles on waters of Jourdans Ck, bounded on E & S by James Faucet, on W by William Kennon, on N by Miles Wallis.

ODB 17/185 James Hart Sr to James Hart Jr, 21 Apr 1815, 104.33 ac on Deep Ck of Stoney Ck, adj James Dickey, Edward King, old corner.

ODB 17/186 Lucey Hart et al to Andrew McCawley, 5 Oct 1818, 160.5 ac on E side of Toms Ck, adj George Martin, Samuel Edmonson, incl the dwelling house which Peter died seized of.

ODB 17/187 Paris Pearson to William Pearson, 13 Nov 1818, 131.5 ac on waters of Little Ck of Third Fk of New Hope Cl, adj W side of creek, John Daniels corner, William Trice.

ODB 17/188 Mecklin Southard to Joseph Street Sr, 22 Jan 1818, 105 ac a& 40 poles on br of Haw R, adj John Tickles corner, Lochelisses line [Cocklereece's?].

ODB 17/190 Crosley Brinkley to David Perkins, 8 Mar 1817, 41 ac on N side Haw R, bounded on N by Morton, W by Mekalan, S by William Gant, E by Freeland.

ODB 17/190 Thomas Atwood to Solomon Cate, 29 Oct 1810, 150 ac adj Joseph Hastings corner now in possession of John Care [Cate?]; NC to Thomas Mortis 1799.

ODB 17/192 James Thomas to Isaac Cate, 22 Apr 1815, 115.25 ac on waters of Little Cane Ck, adj Thomas Cate decd.

ODB 17/193 Solomon Cate to Jonathan Thompson, 14 Jan 1811, 150 ac on waters of Newhope, adj J Hastings corner.

ODB 17/193 John Ray Sr to Joseph Ray, 25 Feb 1819, 247 ac on waters of Little R, adj William Wilkins, Clark, himself, Great Road, William Wilkinsons NW corner.

ODB 17/195 John Huffman to Joseph May & wife, 2 Feb 1819, 200 ac on Gun Ck, adj Gibsons corner, Friddle, Molly Ingle.

ODB 17/196 John Coble to Michael Holt, 31 Aug 1818, 65 ac on Stinking Quarter Ck, adj former lower corner of Jacob Shaddy now Nease?, Michales corner, Holts corner, old Graves line now Albright, Troxlar, John Shaddy Jr's corner.

ODB 17/197 Wm Pendergrass to Wm Merritt, 17 Nov 1788, 200 ac on Morgans Ck & Obed Ck, adj upper line mentioned in the old deed, mouth of Obed Ck.

ODB 17/198 John Garrard to Tyre Garrard, 4 Dec 1818, 25 ac on Tussacy Br, adj James Latta, Tyre Garrards corner, James Walker; part of larger tract purchased of Walter Alves and know by Lot No 1, the share of Mary Wood.

ODB 17/199 Robt Cate Sr to Robt Cothran Jr, 19 Aug 1815, 95 ac on head waters of Mountain Ck, adj Thomas Sneed, John Satterfield, Mangum; part of 197 ac NC to John Langley 1782 No 446.

ODB 17/200 John J West to Phillip Lewis, 8 Sep 1816, 57.75 ac om W side Stoney Ck, N side Jordans Ck, adj Garret Garrisons corner.

ODB 17/201 William Nash to John Berry, 25 Mar 1814, Lot 54 in Hillsbrough.

ODB 17/203 Abner Powell by Sherriff to Isaac Bracken Jr, 1 Feb 1819, 72.5 ac on waters of Haw R, adj William Hatchett, Pules corner, Samuel Ireland, Perry Suttons corner.

ODB 17/204 William Kirkland to Abner W Clopton, 24 Mar 1814, Lot 6 in the town adjacent to the Building of the University; formerly belonging to William Augustus Richards, conveyed by Sheriff to Archibald D. Murphey, to Thomas Scott, to William Kirkland.

ODB 17/205 Nathaniel King to Pleasant Henderson, 26 Apr 1815, 195 ac on Bens Ck of New Hope, adj Strains corner.

ODB 17/206 Thomas Scott to William Kirkland, 25 Sep 1813, Lot 6 in village of Chapel Hill; formerly belonging to William Augustus Richards, conveyed by Sheriff to Archibald D. Murphey, to Thomas Scott, to William Kirkland.

ODB 17/207 John McDaniel to James Griffin, 22 Nov 1817, 73.5 ac on side of Fayetteville Rd, Cross Creek Rd, Marshals Br, Melch McDaniels corner.

ODB 17/208 Lucey Hart et al to Samuel W, 5 Oct 1818, 143 ac on W side of Town [Toms?] Ck, adj George Martin, it being tract Peter died seized of, adj Lemuel & Andrew McCawleys corner, William Findley, Ector, James Hurdle.

ODB 17/209 Joseph Caldwell to Thomas H Taylor, 10 Fbeb 1819, 523.66 ac to N of Village of Chapel Hill, adj William Barbee, Bowlings Ck.

ODB 17/210 North Carolina to John Smothers, 11 Mar 1799, 100 ac on Ridge Ck,a dj Thomas Smothers, Lewis Garner; NC1459.

ODB 17/211 North Carolina to William Strayhorn, 16 Dec 1818, 27.5 ac on Stones Ck, adj Thomas Barton & his own, John Strayhorns corner, Hugh Mulhollans corner, Hughs corner, David Strayhorns corner; NC1915.

ODB 17/212 A D Murphey to Thomas H Taylor, 1 Jan 1814, [no ac] on waters of Newhope Ck, adj David Castleberry, John Boothe; NC to John Waggoner; John Waggoner & Agnes Waggoner to William McCawley.

ODB 17/214 Edward Robson to Thomas H Taylor, 18 Sep 1816, lot 10 in Chapel Hill, bounded on N by a back Street or land, on S by N side of Franklin St, on other sides adj Mathew McCauley & Major Pleasant Henderson; on which Robson lately dwelt.

ODB 17/216 Hargis & Sneed to W B Jameson, 25 Feb 1819, mortgage on 250 ac on waters of Back Ck, bounded on N by John Thompson, on W by estate of Andrew Patton, on E by line of 5000 ac tract, on S by 500 ac tract. ; David Gilston to Henry Day Jr, formerly Cullen Pollock [no metes or bounds].

ODB 17/219 Hargis & Sneed to Lawrence V Hargis, 25 Feb 1819, mortgage on 120 ac on waters of Back Ck, bounded on N by Thomas Thompson Jr, adj David Gilston; also 50 ac on waters of Mill Ck, adj Gilston corner.

ODB 17/222 Thomas N S Hargis to Theophilus Thomas, 27 Jan 1818, 1 ac adj David Yarbrough, Thomas N S Hargis, Kenneth Andersons corner, Commons of Town of Hillsborough, Great Road.

ODB 17/224 Thomas Holloway to James Latta et al, 2 Jun 1818, mortgage on 160 ac on waters of Eno, adj James Sallas corner, old field.

ODB 17/226 Meredith Adams to William Kirkland, 13 May 1818, 1/4th part of lot 46 in Town of Hillsborough, adj King St, Margaret Ln, the Tan Yard lot of Kirkland Webb & Co.

ODB 17/228 Joseph Stubbins to Thomas Hart, 15 Feb 1819, 206.25 ac on waters of McGowans Ck, adj Thomas Hart Sr, Thomas Thompsons corner formerly Peter Wrightsman, Finney Harts corner.

ODB 17/229 John Young to Charles Cox, 16 Jan 1819, negro slaves who had been property of John Adams, to wit, Sarah, George, Hear, David, Allen, Jenney, Daniel & Moses.

ODB 17/232 John Young to Wm Adams et al, 16 Jan 1819, negro slaves who had been property of John Adams, to wit, Sarah, George, Hear, David, Allen, Jenney, Daniel & Moses.

ODB 17/234 John Young to Thomas Adams, 16 Jan 1819, negro slaves who had been property of John Adams, to wit, Sarah, George, Hear, David, Allen, Jenney, Daniel & Moses.

ODB 17/236 John Young to James Adams, 16 Jan 1819, negro slaves who had been property of John Adams, to wit, Sarah, George, Hear, David, Allen, Jenney, Daniel & Moses.

ODB 17/[a fragmentary page between pages 237 and 238] fragment of a court docket n/a n/a n/a n/a, various dates in 1814, a court docket fragment. Pages 343 and 344 of Deed Book 17 have a discolored area which matches the size and shape of this fragment - suggesting that it sat loose in that location in the book for a long time. The book was completely conserved and rebound in 1968, by which time this fragment must have migrated to its position between pages 236 and 237. Thomas Murdock is mentioned in the docket and is the grantor for the deed on page 343.

ODB 17/239 John Young to Meredith Adams, 16 Jan 1819, negro slaves who had been property of John Adams, to wit, Sarah, George, Hear, David, Allen, Jenney, Daniel & Moses.

ODB 17/241 Thomas Callaway Jr to Thomas Latta, 2 Mar 1819, 320 ac adj James Latta on S side of Lattas Land, William Warren on E side of Warrens land, Thomas Holloway Sr on N side Holloways land.

ODB 17/242 Edward Picket to William Picket, 4 Apr 1818, 103.25 ac on Back Ck, adj John A Mebane, Robert Faucet, James Pickett.

ODB 17/243 Robert & Carnes Tinnen to David Tinnen, 1 Oct 1817, 77.75 ac on Mill Ck of Back Ck, adj Pollock, Carnes Tinnens corner, David Tinne, Robert Tinnen; orig Cullen Pollock to Henry Pattillo 1789 ODB P/219, to Robert Tinnen 1793 ODB K/425.

ODB 17/245 Carnes & David Tinnen to Robert Tinnen, 1 Oct 1817, 150.75 ac on Mill Ck of Back Ck, adj Pollocks corner, Thomas MCCracken, William Wilsons corner, Carnes Tinnens corner, Robert Tinnens corner, David Tinnens corner.

ODB 17/247 William Whitted Jr to John Lynch, 15 Oct 1818, mortgage on 45.5 ac on waters of Buck Quarter.

ODB 17/248 James Hart Jr to Abel Horn, 24 Oct 1818, 104.33 ac on waters of Deep Ck of Stoney Ck, adj James Dickey, Edward King.

ODB 17/249 William Real to James Bishop, 14 Apr 1817, 86 ac on waters of Eno R & Newhope, adj John Cheeks corner, Joseph Hastings corner, Hobbs.

ODB 17/250 James Bishop to William Stofle, 6 Dec 1818, 95 ac on waters of Eno & Newhope, adj John Ckeel, Joseph Hastings corner, Hobbs.

ODB 17/251 Thomas R Cate to Isaiah Cate, 25 Jul 1818, 115 ac commonly known by name of Thomas's Settlement.

ODB 17/253 Moses Gwin to Timothy Dunegan, 9 Mar 1818, 303 ac adj James Murdock.

ODB 17/254 North Carolina to Lewis Kirk, 9 Nov 1784, 100 ac on waters of Little Cain Ck of Haw R, onS side his old survey; NC665.

ODB 17/255 North Carolina to Lewis Kirk, 20 Jul 1795, 150 ac on waters of Collins Ck, adj Edwards corner; NC1162.

ODB 17/256 North Carolina to Lewis Kirk, 15 Jun 1798, 137 ac adj Kirks old tract; NC1361.

ODB 17/257 Samuel Child to Mathew Harper, 15 Jul 1819, 434 ac in County of Smith & State of Tennessee, near the Cahy Fk, adj Captain Duke, Vincent Rust, John Gordon.

ODB 17/260 North Carolina to Benjamin Bower, 13 Mar 1819, 91 ac on waters of Little Cain Ck, adj Thomas Brewer, Stephen Justus, Frederick Reeves, his own; NC1921.

ODB 17/261 James Watson & Rebecca Watson to John Young, 9 Jan 1819, negros Charity, Hannah, Frank, Celia, Yackney, Larry, Nelly, Ben & Lydia - two last named born since his death.

ODB 17/262 James Watson to Rebecca Watson, 9 Jan 1819, 160 ac known by the name of Watsons Settlement, adj Andrew Watson on W side of Andrews land, Thomas Hastings on N side of Thomas land, & Joseph Thompson on E side of sd Joseph.

ODB 17/263 John Sneed by Sheriff to L V Hargis, 15 Jan 1819, 320 ac adj Thomas V Hargis, Cates, Holeman, Mangum.

ODB 17/264 William H Goodloe by Sheriff to James Mebane, 24 Feb 1819, 460 ac om Phills Ck, adj Charles McCauleys corner, Shop Br, Robert Blackwoods corner, Francis Barbee, Jack Nevills corner, Peach Orchard.

ODB 17/267 Stephen Gates by Sheriff to Jacob Waggoner, 23 Feb 1819, 230 ac on N Fk of Little R, adj Thomas Berry.

ODB 17/269 James H Bowman to James Hart, 19 Feb 1819, 182.5 ac on waters of Little R, adj James Baldridge, William Woods.

ODB 17/270 Hugh Mulhollan to William Strayhorn Sr, 13 Apr 1819, 25.25 ac on waters of Stones Ck, adj William Strayhorns corner, John [Strayhorn's] corner, Thomas Barton; undivided 1/2 of NC to John Strayhorn & Hugh Mulhollan.

ODB 17/271 John N Rencher to William Strayhorn Sr, __ ___ 1819, 138 ac adj Jacob Bledsoes corner, a lightwood stake.

ODB 17/273 Joseph Clendenin to John Ray, 16 Mar 1819, 150 ac on S side Haw R, adj Samuel Crawford, Fayetteville Rd, Whitteds Ck.

ODB 17/274 Thomas Barton to Joseph Caldwell, 5 May 1819, 180 ac & 45 poles adj William Norwood, David Strayhorn, Eleanor McDades old corner, McKerall.

ODB 17/276 Jonathan Jordan Jr to Hardy Hurdle, 20 Jan 1818, 88 ac on waters of Deep Ck, whereone Jonathan Jordan Jr now liveth, adj Benjamin CantrellJames Dickey, Hardy Hurdle.

ODB 17/277 Nathaniel Harris to Ellison G Mangum, 23 Jan 1819, 4 ac & 62 poles, on waters of Flat R, adj Bobbits corner, Dukes corner; lately purchased of Thomas Hunt.

ODB 17/278 Martha Lloyd to Thomas Lloyd, 26 Mar 1819, negroes Jenny & daughter Viney.

ODB 17/279 Samuel O’Daniel to John Woods, 23 Dec 1817, negro boy Tom about 9.

ODB 17/279 George Johnston to Charles W Johnston, 20 May 1819, 614.75 ac on waters of New Hope, adj John Blackwood, John Freeland, Ezekiel Trice, Joseph Kirklands corner, Old Field Creek.

ODB 17/281 Abner Powel to William Powel, 22 Oct 1812, 50 ac [no metes or bounds].

ODB 17/282 Daniel May Jr to Henry Whitesell, 24 Dec 1818, 11 ac on waters of Allemance, adj County Line.

ODB 17/283 Timothy Dunnagan to Charles Dunnagan, 7 Apr 1819, [no ac] adj the dwelling house whereon Eley Dunnagan now lives, whereon a hewn log house stands; part of land sold by Martha Cates & Thomas Grig? To Charles Dunnagan.

ODB 17/284 John Freeland to Charles Freeland, 25 May 1816, 125 ac on Mountain Ck of New Hope; part of tract purchased of Samuel Hunter.

ODB 17/285 Gideon Price to John Lindsey, 13 Jan 1816, 10 ac & 4 poles on waters of Collins Ck, adj John Cates corner, William Morris.

ODB 17/286 John Holt to Elizabeth Redman, 1 Dec 1816, 100 ac on waters of Ellibees Ck, adj Guess, the Fish Dam Road, John Redman.

ODB 17/287 Martha Lloyd to Henry Lloyd, 13 Nov 1803, negro girl Rachel about 13.

ODB 17/288 Martha Lloyd to Stephen Lloyd, 15 Mar 1819, negroes Jamer & her son Franklin.

ODB 17/289 Edward Picket to William Picket, 18 Mar 1819, negro boy Squire about 6.

ODB 17/290 Herndon Harrelson & John Bruce to Nicholas Albright, 14 Mar 1819, negro girl Rachel about 9.

ODB 17/290 Sarah Rice to Thomas Picket, 20 Jan 1819, "a certain parcel of negroes" [unnamed] left in William Picket's will to daughter Sarah Picket, now Sarah Rice. Sarah & John Rice quitclaim any interest.

ODB 17/292 Isaac Dorris to William Wilkins, 21 Sep 1796, POA to obtain land grant for 200 ac adj Daniel Wasson, William Peace, W Anderson; Dorris is obliged to leave the state.

ODB 17/292 Samuel Turrentine to Dennis Hargis, 4 Mar 1819, lot 106 in Hillsborough, adj Tryon St.

ODB 17/293 Hardy Hurdle to George Hurdle, 6 Feb 1816, 200 ac on waters of Stoney Ck; NC to John Stark 1799.

ODB 17/295 Nathaniel Moore to John Underwood, 25 Dec 1815, 100 ac on Stoney Ck, adj Andrew Moores corner, John Brackens corner.

ODB 17/296 Thomas Low to James Hurdle, 9 Jul 1818, 24 ac on waters of Toms Ck, adj Samuel Edmonson, Thomas McCully.

ODB 17/297 Martha Lloyd to Henry Lloyd, 18 Mar 1819, negro girls Dilcy & Ginny.

ODB 17/298 Joseph & James Woods to John H Latta, 1 Jan 1817, 6 ac adj Lattas corner.

ODB 17/299 James Hurdle to 130 ac whereon James Hurdle now liveth, on waters of Deep Ck, adj Wallace, Blansard, Hardy Hurdle, old line, branch., 20 Aug 1817, 130 ac on waters of Deep Ck, adj Wallace, Blansard, Hardy Hurdle.

ODB 17/300 David Perkins to William Morton, 29 Sep 1817, 41 ac on Boyds Ck, adj George Faucet, William Gant, Demsey Hubbard.

ODB 17/302 John Jordan to Jonathan Jordan, 1 Dec 1817, 8 ac on waters of Deep Ck; tract James McCray deeded to Sarah Jordon, Jonathan Jordon & John Jordon [sic].

ODB 17/303 Barnett Forsyth to Zachariah Trice, 8 Jul 1818, negro man Orson between 35 and 40.

ODB 17/304 James Ward to Pleasant Henderson, 28 Apr 1819, 1.5 ac in Village of Chapel Hill on Columbia St and numbered 1 in the plan of said Village.

ODB 17/305 Benjamin Rhodes to William Rhodes, 16 Nov 1813, 20 ac on Hollow Rock Br, adj William Rhodes, Thomas Picket, John Rhodes esq.

ODB 17/306 William Rhodes to Benjamin Rhodes, 16 Nov 1813, 20 ac adj Petersburg Road, Benjamin Rhodes, Salisbury Road.

ODB 17/308 William Craig to John McDaniel, 14 Dec 1815, 148 ac on waters of New Hope, adj Samuel Craigs corner, Newhope.

ODB 17/309 Richard Bird to James Bird, 29 Mar 1817, 100 ac on NW side Staggs Ck, adj ccorner of orig survey, old line, Staggs Ck.

ODB 17/310 Richard Bird to Empson Bird, 29 Mar 1817, 100 ac on SE side Stags Ck, adj where old road crosses the creek, Waggon Road, Thomas Birds fence, meadow.

ODB 17/311 Richard Bird to Thomas Bird, 29 Mar 1817, 37 ac where he now lives, on waters of Stags Ck, adj corner of old tract, walnut tree in the plantation.

ODB 17/312 Richard Bird to Samuel Bird, 29 Mar 1817, 122 ac adj flat rock in a branch where water runs under a corner of the original survey, James Bird, Stags Ck, Empson Bird.

ODB 17/313 James Adamson to Daniel Hoffman, 9 Jan 1819, 36.5 ac on N side of Haw R, incl the Grist Mill, now occupied by said Hoffman, adj Wm Brown legatees, Dongas Creek.

ODB 17/314 Anthony Thompson to Anderson Thompson, 25 Jul 1818, 50 ac on waters of Great Allamanceadj Isaac Holt, the Great Road, George Isleys corner.

ODB 17/316 Michael Cockeldress Sr to Michael Cockeldress Jr, 19 Nov 1804, 100 ac on S side Haw R, adj old corner.

ODB 17/317 Archer Harris to Robert Harris, 6 Feb 1819, 202 ac on SW side Flat R.

ODB 17/318 Edward Faucett & Nancy Faucett to Samuel Crawford, _ Feb 1819, 270 ac on waters of Boyds Ck, adj Robert A Younger, Richard Younger, William Wallis, Nancy Rogen, Jean Scarbroughs corner.

ODB 17/320 Edward Faucett to Samuel Crawford, 6 Apr 1819, 100 ac on watrs of Back Ck, adj George Faucett, William Griffis, Andrew McCrory, William Faucett.

ODB 17/321 John Freeland to James Freeland, 25 May 1816, 110 ac on Mountain Ck of New Hope; part of tract purchased of Samuel Hunter.

ODB 17/322 James Mebane et al to Edward Picket, 3 Apr 1818, 270 ac on Back Ck, adj John A Mebane, William Walkers corner, Great Road, Muddy Br; NC to Alexander Meabne & Edwrad Picket.

ODB 17/323 Jacob Couch to Samuel Couch, 13 Sep 1814, 130 ac on S side Eno R, adj branch, river, Thomas Redding.

ODB 17/324 William Hall et al to Robert Hall, 29 Nov 1803, two tracts, 1st tract 160 ac on both sides N Fk of Little R, adj James Means now Matthew Woods corner; 2nd tract 363 ac on N Fk of Little R, adj Harvels Ck.

ODB 17/327 Andrew McAwley to Samuel Edmonston, 13 Nov 1818, 148 poles adj Edmonston, creek.

ODB 17/328 Thomas Hunt to Ellison G Mangum, 5 Dec 1818, 100 ac on Flat R, adj Thomas Horners corner, Tyre Duke; Thomas Hunt purchased John Duke.

ODB 17/329 Benjamin Nevill to Atha Lindsey, 10 Jan 1803, 58.2 ac pn both sides Collins Ck, adj lot number one.

ODB 17/331 Joseph Silliven to Isaac Pyle, 10 Aug 1798, 130 ac on both sides Big Ck of Haw R, bounded on S by William Hatchet, on W by John Smothers; part of NC to William Smothers.

ODB 17/332 Barnet Clapp to Jacob May, 24 May 1819, 2.5 ac on Allamance, adj mouth of branch.

ODB 17/333 George McCulley to Samuel Edmiston, 23 Oct 1817, 74.5 ac on SE side Toms Ck, adj Edmistons old corner; part of tract willed to John McCully by his father Joseph McCulley.

ODB 17/334 John McCrory to Andrew McCrory, 8 Apr 1819, 202 ac on Back Ck.

ODB 17/336 Henry Holt to Israel Holt, 14 Jan 1819, 57 ac adj Peter Brinkleys corner, Rich; half of 114 ac NC to Henry Holt 1818.

ODB 17/337 George Hornbuckle to Henry Brannock, 9 Sep 1805, 40.75 ac on Fishing Ck of Haw R, adj William Brannock.

ODB 17/338 William Roberts to Richard Roberts, 22 Mar 1817, 50 ac where William Roberts now lives, on E side Rockey Ck, adj Richd Roberts spring.

ODB 17/340 Daniel May to Barnet Clapp, 24 Dc 1818, 81 ac on waters of Allamance, adj Fayetteville Road, branch.

ODB 17/341 John H Latta to Joseph Wood, 23 Feb 1819, 5.75 ac on S side Eno R, adj river.

ODB 17/342 Isaac Pyle to James Pyle, 6 Sep 1805, 130 ac on both sides Big Ck, of Haw R, bounded on S by William Hatchett, W by John Smothers; granted to William Smothers.

ODB 17/343 Thomas Murdock to Andrew Gibson, 17 Apr 1809, 68 ac on waters of Great Allamance, adj Jacon Boon, Bernard Troxlar, John Huffman's corner, Thomas Powell; part of Andrew Gibson to Thomas Murdock for 508 ac.

ODB 17/344 Freeman Burrow, Archibald Alexander, Elizabeth Burrow to Thomas Alexander, 6 Oct 1817, POA to sell land devised to heirs of James Alexander.

ODB 17/346 Allen Peeler to Thomas Couch, 14 Oct 1818, 512.5 ac on both sides Ellibees Ck, adj Equilla Rhodes, John Redman, Cabes corner, Great Road, Couch's corner, Samuel Peelor's corner; land on which Benjamin Peelor Sr died, and divided the tract to son Allen Peelor by will.

ODB 17/348 Samuel Peeler to Allen Peeler, 13 Oct 1818, 21.5 ac on waters of Ellibees Ck, adj Thomas Couch's corner, Great Road, with the lines of Samuel [Peelor] through the tract he purchase of Thomas Browning, Merritt Tract, Anthony Peeler.

ODB 17/349 James Murdock to David Johnston, 1 Apr 1818, 179.5 ac on waters of Mackedams Ck.

ODB 17/352 Ezekiel B Currie to Gabriel B Lea, 28 May 1819, mortgage on 179.5 ac on waters of Mackadams Ck, adj Wm Tates corner, David Mebanes corner, old field, creek; granted by William Strudwick 1805.

ODB 17/353 Thomas Latta to Joseph Latta, 10 Apr 1818, undivided 1/3rd of 300 ac on Back Ck.

ODB 17/354 Harbert & Jonathan Hobbs to Joseph Latta, 9 Jan 1819, 100 ac Thomas Latta now lives on, adj Joseph Hastings SW corner, Frederick Taylor, Hobbs corner.

ODB 17/356 Thomas Holloway to Jacob Couch, 14 Oct 1812, 130 ac on S side Eno R, adj fork of the branch, Thomas Redding.

ODB 17/357 Martha Lloyd to Stephen Lloyd et al, 26 Mar 1819, 443 ac Martha Lloyd now lives on, on waters of Morgans Ck.

ODB 17/359 Thomas H Hatch to William Mason, 8 Apr 1819, 1 lot in Village of the University of North Carolina, where John Caldwell formerly lived, the most Easterly lot in the plan of the town on N side of the main street.

ODB 17/360 William Pannil & wife [Martha] to Elisha Mitchel, 5 Dec 1818, 1 lot in Village of Chapel Hill containing 4 ac it being half of Lot No 1 of four acres & half of Lot 5 of four acres, incl house now occupied by William & Martha.

ODB 17/361 North Carolina to John Strayhorn & Hugh Mulhollan NC1905, 28 Aug 1818, 25.25 ac on waters of Stones Ck, adj William [Strayhorn's] corner, John [Strayhorn's] corner, Thomas Barton; undivided 1/2 of NC to John Strayhorn & Hugh Mulhollan.

ODB 17/362 Joseph Caldwell to William Hooper, 21 May 1819, 5.5 ac in Village of the University, adj Franklin St, Joseph Caldwells corner.

ODB 17/364 John Gunn to Benjamin Gant, 10 Sep 1817, 122.9 ac on S side Haw R, adj river, Davis's Ck.

ODB 17/365 James Griffin to Samuel Child, 9 Oct 1815, mortgage on 88 ac adj Thomas Griffin. Melchi McDannel [no metes or bounds].

ODB 17/366 John Hogg to John Scott, 13 Aug 1819, lots 27 & 28 in Hillsborough, adj William Courtney, John Faddes, The Billiard Room, King Street.

ODB 17/368 William Shepperd Sr to William Shepperd Jr, 5 Mar 1819, 186.5 ac by name of Long Meadow Tract on both sides Eno R, adj Capt Tinnins NE corner, Thomas Taylors corner, road, Davises corner; Thomas Taylor to William Shepperd Sr.

ODB 17/370 Archer Harris to John Wilson, John McFarling & Nathaniel Harris trustees of a Meeting House standing at cross roads between sd Harris & John McFarling., 5 Mar 1812, 2 ac at Crossroads.

ODB 17/371 North Carolina to Henry Bishop, 25 Jan 1819, 185 ac pm waters of Morgans Cl, adj James Reeves corner, George Smith, Laban Andrews; NC1920.

ODB 17/372 Herbert Sims to John J Carrington, 25 Aug 1818, 102 ac on Mountain [Ck] waters, adj John Carrington, John J Carrington; part of NC to John Langley 1782, No 446.

ODB 17/374 Andrew McCawley to Gabriel B Lea, 1 Mar 1819, 165 ac om waters of Staggs Ck, adj Robert Faucetts corner, corner of the old tract.

ODB 17/375 John Linn to Isaac Holt, 10 Jan 1818, 103 ac on waters of Stinking Quarter Ck, adj James Linns corner, County Line, peach tree.

ODB 17/377 Joseph Sullivan to John Hicks, 17 Sep 1799, 100 ac adj Sullivans corner; part of tract granted Joseph Sulivan.

ODB 17/378 William Shepperd Jr to Elijah Graves, 5 Mar 1819, 186 ac on both sides Eno R, adj Taylors corner, large road, Davis; part of 2 tracts orig granted by Gov Johnston & now known by name of Long Meadows.

ODB 17/380 William Faucett to Gabriel B Lea, 21 Oct 1818, 9 ac on waters of Staggs Ck; dower reserved; part of 33 ac?.

ODB 17/382 Mary McClare to James Hicks, 11 Nov 1811, 30 ac adj Dobbs Ck, Wolf Pen Br.

ODB 17/384 Lydia Slaughter to Samuel Slaughter, 18 Sep 1819, POA to receive money from estate of John M Welborne.

ODB 17/385 Isaac Rhew to Cain & Bruce, 9 Apr 1819, 107.5 ac adj William Cains mill road, William Dunagan Sr, Moores corner.

ODB 17/388 John Hogg to James Webb & J P Sneed, 13 Aug 1819, lot 22 in Hillsborough, adj King Street, William Cain, Hogg, Adam's house.

ODB 17/391 Solomon Latta to Thomas Latta, 28 Feb 1818, 31.5 ac on waters of Mountain Ck; SE division of tract Thomas Latta Sr bought of Walter Alves.

ODB 17/392 Nat G Muzzall to Thomas Slade, 12 Jul 1819, mortgage on 118 ac adj Miles Wells Sr, Joseph W Muzzall, Thomas Slade [no metes or bounds].

ODB 17/394 John F? Ray to William Hicks, 25 Mar 1819, 300 ac on waters of Staggs Ck, adj Andrew McCauley, meadow, heirs of Col John Ray, William Ward, Willis Whitehart.

ODB 17/396 Reuben Day to Eliza Umsted, 10 Apr 1818, 14.5 ac on waters of Nap of Reed Ck, adj Elisha Umsteads corner, Forts corner, original line.

ODB 17/397 Christopher Moring to William Mason, 29 Dec 1817, negro woman Susan about 21, 1 [negro struck through] girl about 7, ditto about 2.

ODB 17/398 Henry Thompson to John Taylor Jr, 22 Nov 1819, mortgage on his right in estate of Jehu Whitted and negro boy Calvin and chattels.

ODB 17/403 Henry Thompson Jr to John Taylor Jr, 20 Nov 1819, mortgage on lands and chattels [no description of land].

ODB 17/409 Henry Thompson Jr to Ruffin, Hislop & Brandon, 6 May 1819, mortgage on 1 ac at corner of Churton St and Margaret Ln, where Thompson now lives and which he occupies as a tavern.

ODB 17/413 Henry Thompson Jr to Turner, Hinton & Brame, 20 Nov 1819, mortgage on lot 7 in Hillsborough, whereon Henry now lives on W side of Churton St.

ODB 17/415 Henry Thompson Jr to Hinton & Brame, 25 Nov 1819, mortgage on 200.7 ac adj John Thompson, John Taylor [no metes or bounds], also negro woman Fanny, negro woman Rachael, ditto named Lucy, and boys & girls: Nelson, Hampton, Calvin, Dianah, Isadorah, Emigine, Adaline, Harry.

ODB 17/420 George Carrington by Sheriff to Sterling Harris, 26 Nov 1819, 211.6 ac on waters of Crooked Run, adj Cain, Great Road.

ODB 17/423 Edward Jones to Gavin Hogg, 19 Mar 1819, lots 9 and 11 in Chapel Hill, adj Franklin St, Thomas Edwards, Log Dwelling House.

ODB 17/425 David Berry to David Allison, 19 Jul 1819, mortgage on negro woman slave Amy about 17.

ODB 17/427 Henry Thompson Jr to Josiah Turner, 31 Aug 1819, mortgage on 200 ac on both sides River Eno, adj John Taylor, John Scott; also 3 slaves, negro woman Lucy & her two sons Nelson & Hampton.

ODB 17/431 Stephen Carrol to William Cole, 11 Jun 1819, 113.25 ac on waters of Eno, adj James Cains corner, William Cain, Stephen [Carroll's] corner.

ODB 17/433 Bolling Cox to Thomas Clancy, 7 Nov 1819, surety agreement; no real estate or slave described.

ODB 17/435 John Young to Harralson & Bruce, 21 Sep 1819, negro girl named jenny age 15.

ODB 17/436 Joseph W Muzzall to John Crisp, 23 Nov 1819, 109 ac adj Thomas Slade, Robt B Corn; purchase of Edward Bartlett decd; also 118 ac adj first, Miles Wells Sr [no metes or bounds for either tract].

ODB 17/438 Willis Sellars to Steward Dixon, 14 Jan 1819, 200 ac on N side Haw R, S of Stony Ck, adj river, road, Stony Ck, wing of Huffman's Mill Dam where is a reserve of 20 feet up, 20 feet down & 20 feet out from the river.

ODB 17/440 John Rasberry to Haralson & Bruce, 10 Mar 1819, negro man slave Isaac age 37.

ODB 17/440 James Jacobs to Wm H Adams, 28 Aug 1819, undivided 1/9th of slaves, Lid, Patty, Mary, Fanny, Riley, Mariah & Ned late the property of Willis Roberts.

ODB 17/443 Thomas Person to Leonard Henderson, 7 May 1819, 200 ac on waters of Hico & Eno Cks, adj McBrooms corner, General Persons original corner; 1/3rd of NC to Gen Thomas Person decd for 600 ac, No 935.

ODB 17/444 Leonard Henderson to William M Sneed, 24 Sep 1819, 200 ac on waters of Eno & Hico Ck, adj Gen Thos Person decd's corner.

ODB 17/445 North Carolina to William Hannah, 6 Sep 1819, on waters of Little R, adj James Murdock, Moses Gaines, Tho Own? (Aron?), begin at small H corner of Samuel Willson on Hannah line; NC1923.

ODB 17/447 Gilbert Strayhorn to James Strayhorn, __ ___ 1818, adj William Strayhorn Sr, as will more fully appear in the will of Gilbert Strayhorn the Grand Father, who willed it to the sons of his son David Strayhorn.
[End of Deed Book 17]

Friday, December 5, 2014

Orange County Register of Deeds

For those of you who live outside Orange County and/or don't follow local government/politics, last Tuesday - December 2, 2014 - I took office as the Orange County Register of Deeds. I am really proud to undertake this responsibility. This is an office once held by Orange County's first surveyor William Churton. It was also held by the notorious Edmund Fanning - against whom much of the Regulators' anger was directed back in 1770. It is the office that is responsible for protecting and maintaining the county's land ownership records. As such, the Register of Deeds is in no small part the custodian of the county's history. If you read this blog, then you know I take that seriously.

Now that I am Register of Deeds, there will be a number of improvements to the modern process of recording deeds and obtaining marriage licenses etc. But for purposes of this blog, I want to focus here on some other things that I will be working to bring you.

Job One at the Register of Deeds office is to keep up with modern transactions, but a part of the job is also making our public records public. So I intend to do that. First, the Register's office is soon going to bring you access to scans of every page of every deed book in Orange County. Second, my office will be working gradually to abstract/transcribe many of our oldest records in Orange County. As we complete different aspects of this work, we'll post our information online so that researchers can easily find them.

Prior to becoming the Register, I had been researching the old land records of Orange County, North Carolina for several years. I have accumulated a large body of information. The information I gathered before becoming Register belongs to me. The work of this kind I do from here on out belongs to the people of Orange County. To simplify my life a bit, I am nevertheless going to release most of my private research on the internet subject to a Creative Commons License.

Therefore you can look for some MAJOR new blog posts later this month!

At the same time, this means that I will cease publishing almost all of the small run books that I have been producing for the last several years. I am going to endeavor to move all of that information online. The exception to this will be two major new publications which Stewart Dunaway and I have almost put the finishing touches on:

Granville Grants & Surveys of Old Granville County (including grants in Bute, Franklin, Vance and Warren Counties) 1746-1763

Granville Grants & Surveys of Old Rowan County (including grants in Iredell, Davie, Yadkin, Surry, Stokes, Forsyth, Davidson, Randolph, Guilford, Rockingham, Wilkes Counties) 1746-1763

Both of these works will include detailed images of the surviving surveys by Thomas Person, William Churton, James Carter and others who worked for Earl Granville. In addition, we included every reference we could find to grants from Lord Granville in the early deed books of the counties which were soon formed form Granville and Rowan Counties. Additionally, we have included as much subsequent title history information as we could readily find (i.e. citations to later deeds that are the subject of the original Granville grants catalogued in these two sets).

Those two sets will be available for purchase from Stewart Dunaway through - the equivalent information for Granville grants and surveys in Orange County records will be among the things that the Orange County Register of Deeds office will be publishing online.

I hope some of y'all enjoy the two forthcoming sets on Granville County and Rowan County land grants from Earl Granville. And I hope everyone will enjoy the huge body of free online information that will be forthcoming from the Orange County Register of Deeds office.

And let me close with a huge thank you to the voters of Orange County for electing me Register of Deeds!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Continued Series of Red Clay Hills or The Old Courthouse Road

The place known as Cheeks Crossroads - where NC10 and Buckhorn Road intersect in western Orange County - was once the home of Wesley Miles. Miles bought a part of Pollock Tract 1 from the Pollock Heirs, though the exact date is uncertain; the deed from Pollock to Miles is not in Orange County's Deed Books - lost, destroyed, or perhaps never recorded in the first place. Still, there is a survey of the land conveyed to Miles in the Pollock-Devereux Papers at the State Archives in Raleigh. This put Mr. Miles directly on the Native Trading Path, which was (and is) a public road.

The Old Courthouse Road

A generation or two later, James Miles bought part of Thomas Bradford's homestead at the other end of Pollock Tract 1 - "a tract of land on both sides of the main road leading from Hillsborough to Trollinger's Ford" - that is to say, what we now call Lebanon Road (Orange Deed Book 27, page 316).  In the colonial days, that road was known as the Old Courthouse Road because it led westward to the Haw River, near which stood the original Orange County Courthouse - not in Hillsborough, but in what is now the Town of Haw River.

In 1849 Benson Lossing traveled down this same highway while researching the Revolution. He wrote in his Pictorial Fieldbook of the American Revolution: "I think I never traveled a worse road than the one stretching between the Eno and the Haw." Though Lossing apparently found the adjacent countryside pleasing enough: "It passes over a continued series of red clay hills, which are heavily wooded with oaks, gums, black locusts, and chestnuts. Small streams course among these elevations; and in the summer this region must be exceedingly picturesque. Now every tree and shrub was leafless, except the holly and the laurel, and nothing green appeared among the wide reaching branches but the beautiful tufts of mistletoe which everywhere decked the great oaks with their delicate leaves and transparent berries."

Lebanon Road was not much better even 62 years later, as the Good Roads Institute of 1911 reported: "On leaving Hillsboro the road to Mebane is very hilly and rough, but a new location has been made and the new road should be finished within the next year," referring to what is now US-70, a bit south of the Old Courthouse Road. The 1911 report continues: "At Mebane is the plant of the White Furniture Company. This is the beginning of a series of furniture factories that will be observed in many of the towns from this point westward."

Miles, NC

A few years later the Miles family again relocated - buying land along US-70 as well.  There they opened a country store (as perhaps they had done in their previous two locations). And that is how the crossroads community at Buckhorn Road and US-70 came to be known as Miles, North Carolina.