Friday, December 12, 2014

Orange County Registers of Deeds

The following is an incomplete list of individuals who have served as the Register of Deeds of Orange County:

William Churton (Dec 1752-Jul 1766)
Edmund Fanning (Aug 1766-
William McCauley (Aug 1777-
James Alston (Feb 1782-
Josiah Watts (Aug 1786
John Estes (around 1798-1799)
Abner B Bruce (around 1798-1799)
James Whitted (1807-1812)
John McKerall (1820's-1830's)
Andrew Mickle (1840's)
S W Andrews (        - Oct 1942)
Carolyn Hurley (Nov 1942-Dec 1942)
John E Laws (Dec 1942-Dec 1954)
Betty June Hayes (Dec 1954-Dec 1998)
Joyce H Pearson (Dec 1998-Dec 2010)
Debra Brooks (Dec 2010-Dec 2014)
Mark Chilton (Dec 2014 -

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