Sunday, July 5, 2009

Checklist of Hillsborough Maps

Here's a uncomprehensive checklist of maps of the Town of Hillsborough:

1768 C J Sauthier's Plan of the Town of Hillsborough, North Carolina. This was a military survey made in response to the Regulator uprising. Sauthier also made maps of several coastal towns in North Carolina. Hillsborough and Salisbury were the only Piedmont towns he mapped. The original is in the British Library.

1804 Jonathan G Murphy's Plan of the Town of Hillsborough, 10 March 1804. I have only ever see the 1981 transcrition of this map.

1863 A Plan of the Town of Hillsboro, taken in Oct'r 1863. Cartographer unknown. Ernie Dollar has a photo of the original, but I do not know where the original is. It is more common to see the 1982 McDill transcription of this map.

1872? William H. Bailey's Map of the Athens of North Carolina (Hillsborough) for His Mother, Priscilla B. Bailey, as it Might Have Appeared in 1839. This is in the Bailey papers at UNC. The map is in two pieces and has an extensive legend.

1947 George C. Loves's Ye Towne of Hillsborough, Countye of Orange, North Carolina. I found this map in the old deed book room at the Register of Deeds office in Hillsborough.

1888 Sanborn Insurance Company's Hillsboro, NC, Mar. 1888. There were several later editions of this map.

1948? E. P. Gibson's Hillsborough, N. C. - The Old Town. This map is included in some editions of Allen Lloyd's History of the Town of Hillsboro.

1950? Lucia Porcher Johnson's Historic Hillsborough Laid off in 1754. A bad photo of this map is shown in Hugh Lefler's bicentennial history, Orange County 1752-1952. Location of original or legible copy is unknown.

1963 Old Structures (before 1860) Still Standing within the Town Boundaries of Hillsborough, N. C. This map was never published. It is owned by the Planning Department at Hillsborough Town Hall.

1981 Denise Y. Robinson's transcription of Murphy's Plan of the Town of Hillsborough, 10 March 1804. Hillsborough Planning Department.

1982 Plan of the Town of Hillsboro, N. C. "Copied from a map made in 1863 owned by Alderman. Copied by S T Alderman." A line redrwaing of the 1863 Plan. Steve Rankin says this was done by Ed McDill in 1982.

2000? Hillsborough Historical Society's Historic Hillsborough, Seat of Orange County, 1754.

2005 Peter H. Wood's A Brief Introduction to some of the People and Places in the History of African Americans in Hillsborough, N. C. This uses the Hillsborough Historical Society map as a base map with hand-written annotations. This map is in Wood's booklet When the Roll is Called up Yonder: Black history in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

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