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Lords Proprietors grants found in Deed Books

Up until 1729, Carolina was owned by eight Lords Proprietors.  The Lords Proprietors were responsible for issuing the original land grants in North Carolina.  The grants of land from the Lords Proprietors are mostly recorded in the Patent Books at the North Carolina State Archive in Raleigh.  Margaret M Hofmann has published an excellent volume of abstracts of the LP grants in the Patent Books:

However it is clear that the Patent Books are an incomplete record of the Lords Proprietors grants. In an effort to supplement the LP grants abstracted by Hofmann, I present here a list of land grants found in various county deed books in eastern North Carolina.  I have not inspected any of the original deed books myself; I am relying on abstracts published by others.

Lords Proprietors grants recorded in old Chowan County Deed Books (from Margaret M Hofmann's Chowan Precinct 1696 to 1723 Genealogical Abstracts of Deed Books, Roanoke News Co, 1972) :

Chowan DB F1/156 Lords Proprietors to John King, 22 Feb 1719, 640 ac in Chowan Pct, adj William Spikes, John Davis, Henry Jornegan.

Chowan DB F1/171 Lords Proprietors to Adam Cockburne, 3 Dec ----, 390 ac on S side Menherring R, adj Daniel MacDaniel, Aron Drake.

Chowan DB B1/35 John Lord Granville to William Duckenfield, 5 Mar 1725/6, 585 ac in Rockyhock Neck, adj River Pocosin and Creek Pocosin.

Chowan DB B1/107 Henry Duke of Beaufort & Lords Proprietors to Lewis Conner, 11 Apr 1715, 640 ac on S side Morratuck R, on Beaver Dam Dr & Welches Ck.

Chowan DB B1/336 Lords Proprietors to Major Robert West, 24 Jan 1716, 500 ac on N side Albemarle Sound, adj Sandy Point, Mr Porter.

Chowan DB C1/691 Lords Proprietors to Ralph Bozeman, 9 Mar 1717/8, 640 ac adj Captain Thomas Bray, Isaac Willson, John Bobinson, Daniell Hallsey & John Watson.

Chowan DB A1/60 John Lord Granville & Lords Proprietors to William Duckenfield, 5 Mar 1705/6, 585 ac in Rockahock Neck in Precinct of Chowan, adj River Pocosin.

Lords Proprietors grants recorded in old Bertie County Deed Books (from Mary Best Bell's Colonial Bertie Co, NC, Southern Historical Press, 1963, 1977):

Bertie DB A/166 John Lord Carteret & Lords Proprietors to Edward Standen, 19 Oct 1716, 229 ac on Kesiah R, adj M Rivers, J Rivers, Luke Mezles.

Bertie DB A/299 Lord Carteret & Lords Proprietors to Henry Overstreet, 4 Aug 1723, 150 ac on N side Casay Sw, adj James Parker; assigned to John Edwards Jr 10 Nov 1724.

Bertie DB A/375 John Lord Carteret & Lords Proprietors to Joseph Howard, 4 Aug 1723, 310 ac [no landmarks].

Bertie DB B/146 Lords Proprietors to Robert Forster, 30 Mar 1727, 1870 ac on S side Morratuck R on Irwins Island.

Bertie DB B/152 Lords Proprietors to Anthony Lewis Jr, 1 Mar 1721, 640 ac on S side Meherron R, adj Robert Paterson, Anthony Lewis Sr.

Bertie DB B/161 Lords Proprietors to Thomas Sutton, 14 Apr 1722, 262 ac in Chowan Precinct, on S side Black Walnut Sw, adj mouth of Piping Br; formerly granted to Elizabeth Jones 1 Apr 1714.

Bertie DB B/172 Lords Proprietors to Ambrose Arriss, 4 Jun 1725, 150 ac on fork of Gray Hall Sw; granted to David Steward, but lapsed for want of seating.

Bertie DB B/173 Lords Proprietors to George Powell, 124 ac on E side Ahoskey Sw, adj Peter Parker, Leonard Langston.

Bertie DB B/221 Lords Proprietors to Ambrose Aires, 25 Sep 1726, 178 ac adj Major West; formerly granted to Col Thomas Pollock 5 Apr 1720, elapsed for not seating and planting.

Bertie DB B/227 Lords Proprietors to William Jones, 6 Dec 1720, 609 ac on W side Cashay Sw; granted 20 Jul 1717 to Robert Hickson, elapsed.

Bertie DB B/247 Lords Proprietors to John Dew, 1 Feb 1725, 640 ac on S side Meherron R, adj Busby, John Bond.

Bertie DB B/298 Lords Proprietors to Robert Forster, 29 Oct 1725, 300 ac on W side Ahorskey Marsh, adj Catawitsky Pecoson; formerly granted James Boon 6 Mar 1721, by him elapsed.

Bertie DB B/431 Lords Proprietors to John Melton, 9 Mar 1717/8, 400 ac on S side Ahotske Sw, adj John Davison.

Bertie DB B/432 Lords Proprietors to Stephen Howard, 4 Aug 1723, 235 ac on S side Ahotskey Sw, S side Turkey Sw, adj John Molton, John Barfield.

Bertie DB B/440 Lords Proprietors to Samuel Swann, 9 May 1728, 3200 ac on head of Fishing Ck, adj Robert Forster; formerly granted to Henry Irwin, lapsed for want of seating.

Bertie DB C/34 Lords Proprietors to George Wyne [Wynn], 3 Dec 1720, 150 ac adj Peter Wests corner, Robert Lanier.

Bertie DB C/51 Lords Proprietors to John Moore & Benton Moor, 1 Oct 1726, 640 ac on SE side Meherrin, adj mouth of Elm Sw, Ed Cobb; surveyed from Richard Moore, father of John & Benton, and devised to John& Benton.

Bertie DB C/65 Lords Proprietors to John Hill, 1 Apr 1710, 150 ac in Chowan Pct, on Loosing Sw.

Bertie DB C/81 Lords Proprietors to John Hobson, 1 Apr 1723, 190 ac on N side Rocquiss Sw, adj William Smith, Francis Hobson, James Castellaw.

Bertie DB C/163 Lords Proprietors to James Parker, 7 Nov 1723, 540 ac on NE side Casay Sw, adj Thomas Rodes, Henry Rodes.

Bertie DB C/210 Lords Proprietors to Ambros Ayers, 4 Jun 1725, 150 ac at Fork of Guize? Hall Sw, on Rocquis; granted David Steward, elapsed.

Bertie DB C/214 Lords Proprietors to Thomas Pollock, 27 Jun 1717, 2810 ac called Basefield on W side Cashy, adj William Jones, William Walston, Phillip Walston.

Bertie DB C/265 Lords Proprietors to John Bird, 1 Mar 1720, 500 ac on W side Wills Quarter Sw, adj Maj West.

Bertie DB C/312 Lords Proprietors to William Little, 4 Jul 1726, 400 ac on S side Morattock R.

Bertie DB C/315 Lords Proprietors to Robert Forster, [no date], 400 ac on S side Morattock.

Bertie DB C/329 Lords Proprietors to Maj Robert West, 19 Oct 1716, 640 acin Chowan Pct, adj Edward Bryant, Hendy Bradley.

Bertie DB C/347 Lords Proprietors to Capt David Henderson, 1 Apr 1720, 640 ac on W side Chowan R, adj Maj West.

Bertie DB C/348 Lords Proprietors to Capt David Henderson, 20 Jul 1717, 640 ac in Chowan Pct, adj Robert Evans, Maj Robert West, Widows Barnes.

Bertie DB C/349 Lords Proprietors to Maj Robert West, 21 Jul 1717, 640 ac on W side Chowan R, adj widow Barnes, Edward Bryan.

Bertie DB D/4 Lords Proprietors to John Pace, 1 Apr 1713, 640 ac on E side Maratuck R below Occaneechey, adj Matthew Sturdivent.

Bertie DB D/33 Lords Proprietors to Capt David Henderson, 1 Apr 1720, 640 ac on W side Chowan R, adj Maj West.

Bertie DB D/128 Lords Proprietors to Cullen Pollock, 18 Apr 1730, 640 ac on Beaverdam Sw, adj Thomas Pollock, mouth of Bull Swamp Br.

Bertie DB E/142 Lords Proprietors to William Roads, 1 Apr 1723, 640 ac on W side Cypress Sw, adj Col Mauls corner.

Bertie DB E/433 Lords Proprietors to Phillip Walston, 1 Apr 1720, 600 ac in Chowan Pct, on NE side Cashia R, adj Charles Barber, Isaac Creek, Thomas Jones, Jonathan Stanley.

Bertie DB E/509 Lords Proprietors to John Bentley, 6 Apr 1722, 300 ac in Chowan Pct, at Roquess Sw, adj Col Pollock, James Williamson, John Smith.

Bertie DB F/67 Lords Proprietors to David Osheal, 5 Aug 1729, 440 ac on W side Ahotskey Ridge at Timber Br, adj Robert Lanier, Edward Howard, Joseph Jones, John Jones Jr; formerly granted to James Hamelton 4 Aug 1726, lapsed for not seating.

Bertie DB F/125 Lords Proprietors to William Gray, 1 Feb 1725, 350 ac in St John’s Neck, at Tubling Br, adj John Bryant Sr at Teemer Br.

Bertie DB F/484 Lords Proprietors to John Bently, 4 Aug 1723, 480 ac on N side Morratock R, adj John Harlow, Martin Griffin, Thomas Pollock.

Bertie DB G/158 Lords Proprietors to William Maule, 1 Feb 1725, 640 ac on S side Chinkapin Sw, adj mouth of Cypress Sw, Henry Roads at Barbecue.

Bertie DB G/542 Lords Proprietors to Robert West, 10 Aug 1720, 640 ac on Cassye R, in Chewan Precinct, adj Maj Wests old corner, Laurence Garson.

Bertie DB G/543 Duke of Beaufort & Lords Proprietors to Robert West, 1 Dec 1712, 410 ac at fork of Kesiah R.
Bath/Beaufort County: From Allen Wilkinson Hart Norris’s Beaufort County, North Carolina Deed Book I, 1696-1729: Records of Bath County, North Carolina, Beaufort Co Gen Soc, 2003.

Beaufort [Bath] DB 1/1 LP to Mr Tho Blunt, 23 Jun 1701, 266 ac for transporting following persons [enumerated], [no metes or bounds].

Beaufort [Bath] DB 1/2 LP to William Glover, 10 Feb 1696, 550 ac for transportation of persons [enumerated], [no metes or bounds].

Beaufort [Bath] DB 1/5 LP to John White, [no date], 1200 ac for transportation of 24 persons [enumerated]; assigned to Chivin; assigned to Mr Edmond Peirt 18 Oct 1701.

Beaufort [Bath] DB 1/6 LP to Farnefould Green, 9 Sep 1701, 550 ac for transportation of 11 persons [enumerated]; Green laid 6 rights on land he was settled on and the other 5 on land entry for his son Thomas.

Beaufort [Bath] DB 1/6 LP to William Barrow, 1 May 1701, 900 ac for transportation of 18 persons [enumerated], where he now lives, [no metes or bounds].

Beaufort [Bath] DB 1/7 LP to Joseph Ming, [no date], 1200 ac for transporting 24 persons [enumerated], on Tylors Ck, [no metes or bounds].

Beaufort [Bath] DB 1/9 LP to Nath Chevin, [no date], 300 ac for transporting 6 persons, [no metes of bounds].

Beaufort [Bath] DB 1/15 LP to Capt Nicholas Thomas Jones, [no date], 1900 ac for transporting 38 persons [enumerated].

Beaufort [Bath] DB 1/27 LP to Nath’ll Chevin, 9 Sep 1701, 640 ac for transporting 13 persons, on Matchapongo River called Queen Dowry, [no metes of bounds]; Peter Godfrey assigns these rights and warrant to Mr Frederick Jones, merchant of James City Co 24 Nov 1703; Peter Godfrey records rights at Core point.

Beaufort [Bath] DB 1/34 LP to William Brice, 29 Dec 1702, 450 ac for transportation of 9 persons 22 Jun 1702, [no metes or bounds].

Beaufort [Bath] DB 2/70 LP to Robert Shrieve, 10 Jun 1706, 440 ac on E side Severn Ck, adj Juniper Swamp.

Beaufort [Bath] DB 2/83 LP to Wm Brice, 10 Sep 1707, 640 ac on Neuse River.

Beaufort [Bath] DB 2/83 LP to William Gray, 9 Oct 1707, 627 ac called Goshen adj Jacks Ck, Pamp, Matchapongo Ck.

Beaufort [Bath] DB 2/85 LP to David Perkins, 2 Mar 1705/6, 160 ac & 11 poles adj Wm Barrow, main creek.

Beaufort [Bath] DB 2/87 LP to William Barrow, 2 Mar 1705/6, 255 ac in fork of Old Town Ck, adj old Field; ack by William Barrow & wife Elizabeth to John Cary.

Beaufort [Bath] DB 2/90 LP to Henry Warren, 361 ac in fork of Old Town Ck, adj Capt Barrow; within tract, except what is already sold to the Hon Maj Christopher Gale, to John Roper 7 Jun 1707/08.

Beaufort [Bath] DB 2/94 LP to John Lawson, 10 Jun 1706, 640 ac on S side Neuse River, adj mouth of creek called Kutosquock in Indian tongue and [in] English [called] Clubfoots Ck.

Beaufort [Bath] DB 2/154 LP to Robert Boyd, 10 Jun 1706, 640 ac adj Lining Jones, Matchapongo Swamp.

Beaufort [Bath] DB 4/254 LP to Tobias Knight, 22 Feb 1713/14, 320 ac adj mouth fo Queens Ck, near Bogue Inlet, Geo Bells corner; formerly surveyed for David Wharton.

Beaufort [Bath] DB 4/255 LP to Tobias Knight, 20 Jan 1713/14, 800 ac in banks between Bogue Inlet & Bare Inlet; formerly surveyed for John Shackleford 30 Apr 1710.

Beaufort [Bath] DB 4/255 LP to Tobias Knight, 22 Feb 1713/14, 22 ac island between Bogue & Barr Inlets; formerly surveyed for Charles Cogsdale.

Beaufort [Bath] DB 4/256 LP to Tobias Knight, _________, 210 ac on Main against Bear Inlet, adj David Whartons corner, mouth of Queens Ck…

Beaufort [Bath] DB 4/266 LP to Edward Moseley, 2 Jun 1715, 545 ac on N side Pamplico and W side Matchampongo in the great Savannah, adj Archibald Holmes, Devils Woodyard, Gray; formerly surveyed for Nicho Daw.

Beaufort [Bath] DB 4/315 LP to Capt Richard Smyth, 10 Jun 1706, 2000 ac adj old field where he now dwells called Smyths Neck, Pamptico River, Beaver Dam.

Lords Proprietors grants recorded in old Beaufort County Deed Books (from John Anderson Brayton’s Abstracts of Beaufort County, North Carolina, Deed Book 2, 1729-1748, Otter Bay Books, 2011):

Beaufort DB ?/10 Carteret & LP to Robert Wallis, 21 Feb 1727, 480 ac on Herring River, adj the run, swamp, Peter Warden; formerly surveyed for John West. ODB 2/11 Robert Wallis to Jno Nelson Sr, 1729, all of the above interest.

Beaufort DB ?/38 Carteret & LP to Capt. William Cordin, 24 Feb 1729/30, 135 ac at White Oak River, adj Chesters Ck; surveyed and purchased before the orded of the Lords Proprietors forbidding sale of land.

Beaufort DB ?/58 LP to Richard Durham, 10 Jun 1706, 640 ac adj Charles Hopton, branch, W Leighs Ck, Old Field Point, creek’s mouth.

Beaufort DB ?/99 Carteret [&LP?] to Richard Everard, 640 ac in Hyde Prect on W side Matchapungo River, adj Daniel Cox, Galberry Point Swamp; formerly surveyed for Matthew Allen.

Beaufort DB ?/208 Carteret & LP to Patrick Maule, 1 May 1720, 960 ac on head of Cypress Branch, adj Baileys Horse Pen, William Barrows corner, Jacks Ck, William Sigley, Joseph Tate, William Lewis corner, William Prices corner, the bridge; surveyed in 1706 by Thomas Henderson.

Beaufort DB ?/209 Carteret & LP to Patrick Maule, 2 Aug 1726, 1000 Ac in Bath on N side Pamplico River in fork of Tranters Ck, adj Beaver Dam Ck.

Beaufort DB ?/249 Carteret & LP to Patrick Maule, 11 Nov 1719, 770 ac in Bath on S side Pamplico R, on W side head of Blounts Ck, adj branch, John Adams, Major Slades corner, Thomas Morris corner; recorded in Secretary’s Office Book B, f. 44.

Beaufort DB ?/249 Carteret & LP to Patrick Maule, 15 Nov 1723, 1000 ac on N side Pamtico River on NE side Tranters Ck, on W side George Beck; formerly taken up and surveyed before the arrival of orderd from the Lords Proprietors forbidding sale of lands.

Beaufort DB ?/249 Carteret & LP Robert Boyd, 9 Apr 1716, 400 ac on S side Pamplico R, adj Lewis Deval, Devals back corner pond, Creek Swamp.

Beaufort DB ?/250 Carteret & LP Patrick Maule, 4 Apr 1720, 200 ac on W side Bridge Ck; surveyed by William Barrow in 1706.
Craven County: Lords Proprietors grants recorded in old Beaufort County Deed Books (from Albert Bruce Pruitt’s Abstracts of Deeds, Craven Co, NC, self-published, 2004).

Craven DB 1/21 LP to William Handcock Sr, 10 Oct 1707, 640 ac adj E side of Handcock Ck & S side Nuce R.

Craven DB 1/67 LP to James Keith, [date missing], 2050 ac on S ide Nuce R, on W side Slocombr Ck, adj Edward Bitchenoe’s corner, a little gutt, James Keith [rest of deed is missing].

Craven DB 2/374 Beaufort & LP to James Keith, 9 Nov 1714, 2500 ac on S side Nuce River, on W side Slocombs Ck, adj Edward Bitchenoes corner, mouth of a little gutt, James Keith

Craven DB 2/604 LP to Edmond Ennett, 20 Sep 1708, 520 ac in Bath Co adj William Brices corner, Trent River; I assign land to Martin Franks [signed] Edmd Ennett 22 Jan 1712.

Craven DB 2/606 LP to Dennis Odea (Bath Co NC), 20 Sep 1708, 220 ac on S side News R, adj Robt Couldmans corner, the fork.

Craven DB 2/607 LP to Far[nifold?] Green (Bath Co NC), 20 Dec [1708?], 780 ac adj mouth of Core River.

Craven DB 2/615 LP to Thomas Lapper (Bath Co NC), 20 Oct 1708, 220 ac on N side North R, in Core Sound.

Craven DB 2/618 LP to Dudley Gording (Bath Co NC) 20 Dec 1708, 630 ac in Bath Co on N side News River, adj a little below Orchard Ck.

Craven DB 2/627 Beaufort & LP to Martin Francks, 21 Mar 1714, 190 ac on N side Neuse R, adj E side of Beards Ck; surveyed for Enoch Ward, sold to said Franks.

Craven DB 2/630 LP to Thos Lepper (Bath Co NC), 20 Dec 1708, 220 ac in Bath Co on N side North Ruver in Core Sound, adj gutt.

Craven DB 401.1/18 Carteret & LP to John Lovick, 11 Nov 1719, 540 ac on S side Nuse River near the fork, adj Francis Bennys corner; formerly surveyed for John Swift & elapsed for want of paying.

Craven DB 401.21/5 Beaufort & LP to William Brice, 12 Nov 1713, 500 ac on S side Trent River adj Holsters corner.

Currituck County: Lords Proprietors Grants recorded in Currituck County (from John Anderson Brayton’s By a Line of Marked Trees: Abstracts of Currituck County, North Carolina, Deed Books, self-published, 2000).

Currituck DB 4/71 Bath to Samuel Barnes, 26 Jul 1703, _00 ac on W side Currituck Bay, adj marsh, head of creek that divides this from John Anderson; per headright.

Currituck DB 3/88 Craven & LP to John Hodgson, 5 Feb 1696, 616 ac on NE side Tulls Ck in CT, adj West Branch; per headrights; assigned to Thos Williams by John Hodgson & wife [no name].

Currituck DB 3/90 Granville [& LP?] to John Wicker, 5 Sep 1708, 325 ac in CT, adj Moyock old field, side of Moyock Ck, Christopher Bray, Thos Miller, Cpat Christopher Marchant, pocosin of Northwest River.

Currituck DB 4/21 Craven &  LP to Thomas Cox, 25 Feb 1696, 640 ac on S side Moyock Ck, adjSW corner of Thos Benit, William Stafford.

Currituck DB Bedford [Baeufort?] & LP tp Azrikam Parker, 30 Oct 1713, 530 ac at N of creek westward of Jarvis’s Island, mouth f creek, sound, Creek Swamp.

Currituck DB 4/206 LP to Joseph Wicker & Peter Parker, 9 Oct 1716, 346 ac on Beaver Dam Swamp, adj Cypress Run, Juniper Swamp; per headright.

Currituck DB 4/92 Beaufort [& LP?] to John Jones Sr of Albemarle Co, 3 Sep 1713, 204 ac on _ Island at mouth of North River, adj Stephen Scott’s corner, sound.
Hyde County: No Lords Proprietors grants found in Allen Wilkinson Hart Norris’s Hyde County, North Carolina Record of Deeds A, 1736-1762, self-published.

Perquimans County: Lords Proprietors grants recorded in old Beaufort County Deed Books (from Weynette Parks Haun’s Perquimans County, North Carolina Deed Abstracts, 1681-1729, self-published, 1983).

Perquimans DB A/20 LP to Francis Toms, 6 Feb [1686?], 578 ac on W side Perquimans R, in Perquimans Pct, adj Southernmost bounded tree of Robert Willson.

Perquimans DB A/27 Craven to Josiah Fendall, 3 May 1764, 100 ac on N side Albemarle R in Perquimans Pct, adj marked persimmon, easternmost bounded tree of Cornelias Leary, N & W.

Perquimans DB A/28 LP to Josiah Fendall, 3 May 1764, 100 ac on N side Albemarle R in Perquimans Pct, adj marked persimmon, easternmost bounded tree of Cornelieas Leary, S & E.

Perquimans DB A/32 LP to Joseph Sutton of Albemarle, planter, 3 May 1684, 300 ac on E side Perquimans R, adj Little Ck, Deborah Sutton.

Perquimans DB A/34 LP to Thomas Long, 6 Feb 1688, 168 ac on W side Perquimans R, Perquimans Pct, adj Tank Ck, northernmost bounded tree of Lawrence Noggins,

Perquimans DB A/36 Craven to Richard Evans, 6 Feb 1688, 240 ac in Albemarles County on W side Perquimans River, Perquimans Precinct, adj Northmost tree of Thomas Long, mouth of a creek.

Perquimans DB A/38 Craven to Lawrence Noggins, 6 Feb 1688, 160 ac on W side Perquimans River, Perquimans Precinct, adj Northmost tree of Mr Joshua Scott, Tanks Ck, mouth of creek.

Perquimans DB A/379 LP to Mr George Durant, 26 Dec 1673?, a Certain Neck of Land that Lyes Betwixt two Rivers called by Name of Perquimans and Katatine, adj Langley Neck, branch, incl small piece of Ground where he said Geo Durant did Begin to Clear, also incl ye same parcel of Ground to ye Eastward of his Plantation And thence Northerly into ye Woods, which said Land is incll in A Certain Pattent of Mr Geo Catchmanys decd and assigned over to Durant.

Perquimans DB B/115 Craven & LP to Capn John Stepney, 13 Feb 1696, 293 ac on Yawpim Ck, adj Jean Charles, mouth of branch, Swamp of Yawpim, Maj Alexander Lillingtons corner.

Perquimans DB B/124 Carteret & LP to Richard Grey, 4 Apr 1721, 45 ac in fork of Beaver Cove Swamp, adj John Tomlins.

Perquimans DB B/134 LP to Thomas Bozell, [no date], 51 ac in Perquimans Prect on N side Long Branch, adj Samuel Nicholsons corner, Nathaniel Albertson; per headright.

Perquimans DB B/139 LP to George Sutton, 20 Jun 1703, 344 ac in Perquimans Prect on SE side Suttons Ck, adj Joseph Suttons corner; per headright.

Perquimans DB B/149 LP to Gabriel Newby, [no date], 324 ac in Perquimans on NE side of the River, adj Peter Grays corner, Francis Wells.

Perquimans DB B/155 LP to John Norcom, 29 Nov 1714, 450 ac on SW side Yeopim Ck, adj mouth of small Gutt, Anthony Wherrys corner, Robert Harmons corner; per headright.

Perquimans DB B/172 LP to Thomas Roberts, 11 Nov 1720, 560 ac in Chowan & Perquimans Precincts, adj Mr Garret, Great Medow, Mitchell Bentleys corner, Christopher Dudleys corner; [formerly] granted to John Pettiver.

Perquimans DB B/182 LP to Timothy Clare, 5 Apr 1720, 330 ac in Perquimans Prect, adj William Moores corner, Timothy Clare, the woods, the desert.

Perquimans DB B/184 LP to Joseph Jessop, 4 Feb 1714/15, 190 ac in Perquimans Prect, adj Newbegun Ck, Timothy Clare, the deseart.

Perquimans DB B/196 LP to Thomas Blitchenden, 10 Aug 1720, 200 ac in Perquimans Prect, adj Thomas Lilly, Thomas Blitchenden, Timothy Tayler, William Brins corner; formerly granted  16 Aug 1716 to Benjamin Willson, lapsed for want of planting.

Perquimans DB B/202 LP to Joseph Sutton Sr, 4 Sep 1712, 175 ac in Perquimans Prect adj James Newby, Forked Branch, Forked Swamp, Thomas Boswell; per headright.

Perquimans DB B/219 LP to Thomas Collins, 20 Jul 1717, 230 ac in Perquimans Prect adj Esau Albertsons corner, Deep Ck, John Tomlins corner, Christopher Suttons corner, William Coleston.

Perquimans DB B/230 LP to William Tomlin, 4 Apr 1720, 546 ac in Perquimans prect, adj Thomas Robinsons corner, Robert Cox, William Jackson.

Perquimans DB B/241 LP to Francis Toms, 25 Nov 1714, 200 ac on Perquimans River, adj moth of Reedy Br.

Perquimans DB B/252 LP to Granville & LP to Jonathan Evens, [no date], 194 ac in Perquimans prect, on SE side Castletons Ck.

Perquimans DB B/273 LP to William More Jr, 25 Feb 1725, 300 ac in Perquimans Prect, on NE side Perquimans River, adj William More Sr, Ball Ridge; per headright.

Perquimans DB B/284 LP to Isaac Willson, 9 Mar 1717/18, 640 ac in Chowan Prect, adj William Carman, Col Edward Mosely, John Jordans, John Evens, James Thigpen, Thomas Elliott, Josh Smith; per headright.

Perquimans DB B/310 LP to William Kitchen & Margaret Snooks widow, 1 Jul 1713, 300 ac on head of Perquimans River,a dj Thos Docton; which said land was surveyed for Daniel Snook & by his will given to William Kitchen & Margaret Snooks. 

Tyrrell County: No Lords Proprietors grants found in Stephen E Bradley’s The Deeds of Tyrrell County, North Carolina, self-published, 1991.

Pasquotank County: Need to consult Gwen Boyer Bjorkman’s Pasquotank County, North Carolina, record of deeds, 1700-1751, Heritage Books, 1990.

Pasquotank DB A/319 Beaufort & LP to John Billet, [no date], 300 ac in Pasquotank Precinct on S side of the River, Saml Davis corner, Robt Temple corner.

Pasquotank DB A/338 Carteret & LP to Col Willm Reed, [no date], 640 ac in Pasquotank Precinct; formerly surveyed for Thomas Sawyer; per headright; assigned to Col Willm Reed.

Pasquotank DB A/341 Carterett & LP to Richd Madren, 1 Oct 1715, 430 ac in Pasquotank Prect on back of Nobbs Creek Swamp, adj Fishers corner, Geo Harris corner, Lane’s corner; per headright.

Pasquotank DB B/493 Carteret [& LP?] to John Davis, 31 Mar 1727, 507 ac on head of Pasquotank River, adj David Pritchard.

Pasquotank DB B/298 Craven [& LP?] by Gov Archdale to John Danson, 21 Feb 1696, 3650 ac on N side Pasquotank River, adj mouth of Portahonck Creek, Arenuse Creek.

Pasquotank DB B/263 Carteret [& LP?] to Robert Palmer, 1 Nov 1727, 182 ac adj Flatty Creek, Willm Waymouth, Sound Neck, Palmer.

Pasquotank DB B/245 Craven [& LP?] to Danl Roads, 10 May 1697, 220 ac on SW side Pasquotank River, adj Robert Peeles corner.

Pasquotank DB B/192 Carteret [& LP?] to Ephraim Overman, 6 Aug 1728, 40 ac adj Lawrence Keeton, Kirks corner; formerly granted to John Peggs 20 Nov 1723, elapsed for not seating & planting.

Pasquotank DB B/181 Craven [& LP?] to Francis Hendrick, 25 Feb 1696, 206 ac on SW side Pasquotank River, adj Richard Madren’s corner, Nobs Crook Creek, the Beach Landing.

Pasquotank DB C/373 Carteret [& LP?] to Will Ralph, 3 Aug 1728, 240 ac at head of Pasquotank River, SW side of the Fork between two Swamps.

Pasquotank DB C/371 Gov. Berkley to Robert Peele, 25 Sep 1663, 350 ac on SW side Pasquotank River, between Doco. Relfe & John Battle; per headrights; [evidently a land grant from the Colony of Virginia from well before the Dividing Line Survey].

Pasquotank DB C/363 Carteret [& LP?] to Benjn Lowell, 11 Oct 1727, 524 ac in Pasquotank, on Nobs Crook; surveyed for William Simpson and assigned to Benjn Lovell.

Pasquotank DB C/344 Granville [& LP?] to Anthony Alexander, 20 Nov 1706, 270 ac on Alligator.

Pasquotank DB C/338 Craven [& LP?] to Henry Palin, _ Feb 1696, 139 ac in Pasquotank prect, adj Flattys Creek, Pasquotank River, mouth of Little Flatty Creek.

Pasquotank DB C/333 Beaufort [& LP?] to Anthony Alexander Sr, 3 Oct 1712, 640 ac at Stumps Point on S side Albemarle Sound, at mouth of Aligator Bay, adj Bartholomew Phelps; surveyed for Will Harley, assigned to Alexander.

Pasquotank DB C/317 Craven [& LP?] to Denis Graham, 21 Feb 1696, 230 ac in Pasquotank Precinct, adj the Pocoson of Little River, John Raper, Morgan Thomas corner.

Pasquotank DB C/318 Carteret [& LP?] to William Melton, 20 Aug 1719, 130 ac on N side Little River Swamp; formerly granted to Denis Graham, escheated, regranted to Melton.

Pasquotank DB C/318 Granville [& LP?] to John Foure, 13 Mar 1704, 194 ac on Paleys Creek in Pasquotank, adj Benjamin West corner.

Pasquotank DB A/350 Craven [& LP?] to Thomas Miller, 1 Jan 1694, 640 ac on Pasquotank River in Pasquotank Precinct, adj mouth of Portahonk Creek.

Pasquotank DB A/351 Carteret [& LP?] to Joseph Winship, 2 Aug 1723, 450 ac on N side Alligator Creek, at head of sd creek called Newfoundland, end of Ball Ridge.

Pasquotank DB A/352 Granville [& LP?] to William Cartwright, 29 Nov 1706, 200 ac in Pasquotank.

Pasquotank DB A/358 Carteret [& LP?] to Philip Tolksey, 10 Dec 1716, 80 ac on NE side of Pasquotank River, adj Macbrides corner, Cub Swamp; formerly surveyed for George Griffin, assigned to Philip Tolksey.

Pasquotank DB A/362 Carteret [& LP?] to John Condon, 298 ac on NE side Pasquotank River, adj Thomas Gregory, the Indian Line, Gum Creek, Sparnons corner; formerly granted 1 Mar 1719 to Gilbert James, elapsed for not seating & planting.

Pasquotank DB A/366 Beaufort [& LP?] to Edward James, _ ___ 1713, 55 ac in Pasquotank Precinct on NE side of the River, adj the Inidian’s Lines, Henry Creech; formerly surveyed for Henry Creech, assigned to Edwd James.

Pasquotank DB A/367 Carteret [& LP?] to Henry Hayman, 1 Mar 1721, 100 ac on North River; formerly surveyed for Henry Hayman, by his will to his son Henry Hayman.

Pasquotank DB A/371 Carteret [& LP?] to Joseph Cooper, 26 Nov 1723, 180 ac called the Indian Wells on NE side Pasquotank River, on Sound side; formerly surveyed for Nathanl Gray, assigned to John Squires, assigned to Joseph Cooper.

Pasquotank DB A/376 Beaufort [& LP?] to Bryan Fitzpatrick, 1 Apr 1713, 350 ac on E side Alligator Creek.

Pasquotank DB A/381 Carteret [& LP?] to William Rayfield, 2 Apr 1724, 490 ac in Pasquotank Prect, adj Daniel Mackey; formerly granted 3 Aug 1719 to Matthew Caswell, elapsed for want of planting.

Pasquotank DB A/386 Carteret [& LP?] to John Carteret [Cartwright], _ ___ 1726, 250 ac on NE side Pasquotank River, adj NE end of Dogwood Ridge, adj Beaver Dam Swamp; formerly granted 23 Mar 1713/14 to John & Abigail Guilford, elapsed for not seating & planting.

Pasquotank DB A/388 Carteret [& LP?] to Edward Scot, 27 Mar 1721, 694 ac at head of Nobs Crook Creek in Pasquotank Prect; granted 9 Sep 1714 to James Pritchard, elapsed.

Pasquotank DB A/394 Carteret [& LP?] to Jane Tulle widow, 2 Jun 1727, 124 ac in Pasquotank Precinct, adj John Calrks corner, moth of Flatty Creek, Mr Duckenfield.

Pasquotank DB A/401 Carteret [& LP?] to Col John Palin, 1 Apr 1720, 110 ac on head of Gum Branch, adj a great Swamp coming out of Nobbs Crook Creek.

Pasquotank DB C/230 Carteret [& LP?] to John Pendleton, 2 Nov 1727, 120 ac on Deep Run, adj Armour; escheated from Danl Richardson, regranted.

Pasquotank DB C/230 Craven [& LP?] to Thomas Pendleton, 24 Jul 1696, 350 ac near Flatty Creek.

Pasquotank DB C/244 Carteret [& LP?] to William James, 28 Oct 1726, 351 ac known by name of Griffon Swamp, adj his own corner, Thomas Pendleton, Robt Keels corner, Thomas Stantons corner; formerly granted 1714 to Thomas Stanton, elapsed for not planting.

Pasquotank DB C/245 Granville [& LP?] to John Symons, 17 Jun 1707, 124 ac on SW side Pasquotank, adj Thomas Pendleton; lapsed for want of seating by Caleb Bundy.

Pasquotank DB C/257 Carteret [& LP?] to John Brothers, 2 Aug 1726, 80 ac on Gumb Pole Swamp one of branches of New Begun Creek.

Pasquotank DB C/257 Beaufort [& LP?] to John Scot, 4 Sep 1714, 129 ac in Pasquotank Precinct on Newbegun Creek, adj Henry Pendletons corner.

Pasquotank DB C/259 Craven [& LP?] to Henry Keeton, 1 Jan 1694, 200 ac on New Begun Creek in Pasquotank Precinct, adj J Pendletons corner.

Pasquotank DB C/287 Craven [& LP?] to William Mobery, 11 Nov 1694, 200 ac in Pasquotank Prect, adj Newbegun Creek Swamp, Eliz Coats corner.

Pasquotank DB C/288 Carteret [& LP?] to Elizabeth Coats, 1 Jan 1694, 150 ac on Newbegun Creek Swamp.

Pasquotank DB C/313 John Lord “Cartwright” [Carteret? & LP?] to Henry White & Arnold White, 30 Jul 1724, 308 ac in County of Pasquotank.

Pasquotank DB C/314 Craven [& LP?] to Richd Cragg, 1 Jan 1694, 500 ac in Pasquotank prec, on Herring Creek, Mr Thomas Twedey corner, Herring Creek Swamp.

Pasquotank DB C/315 Carteret [& LP?] to David Baley, 5 Apr 1722, 22 ac of Swamp that lies between his Own Land and Charles Taylors, adj Herring Creek.

Carteret County: UNC does not have any abstracts of Carteret County Deed Books?  Have these not been done?